Monday, March 9, 2009

The Cost of Modeling

Modeling doesn't really cost too much money to start. However it does take a marketing sense and some stamps. A girl has to know what agencies will be more willing to work with her despite her lack of height. This starts with know where she fits in this modeling shuffle and faces the truth of her pursuits, which will most likely be in print modeling or also called commercial print modeling, where she should hustle and where she just won't find opportunities then her first experiences will be better. She can skip scams too.

Here are some of my thoughts on the cost of modeling:

Many girls think paying for profesional photos can be a waste of money, or they don't have money, or a modeling agency scams them, all of these reasons can leave a girl confused. It is better to think of photos this way: You need a headshot!

The headshot is the most important shot. A shot of you laughing. Your outfit she be simple, nothing too fashiony, and you should just be yourself.

Think of advertising, if you can make the shots look like ads, or involve personality, smiles, etc, you will see that paying $1500 for a portfolio is nuts! Just focus on what you need to get in the door. Don't get ahead of yourself. Skip the cakey makeup, boa, and bs, just get what you need.

Or you can just submit a snap shot to a commercial print modeling agency. I think it is better to submit a headshot or compcard, it makes you appear more professional even if you have little experience.

But if you can not afford a headshot photographer, then you can wait until you get an interest of an agency by submitting snap shots.

Sooner or later you will need more professional commercial friendly photos.

There are scamming agencies out there. So becareful. They rip girls off for money for photos. However you can tell the difference between a professional agency and a scam, example; If the agency is charging you hundreds or thousands for photos and you have yet to book a job with them then you know that is/was a scam! Skip the scams by producing your own photos. A legit agency will not force you to work with their photographer.

A professional commercial print modeling agency, a smaller boutique agency will give you advice on photos, printing,etc but this will come out of your pocket..which might sound weird, but it is the better way since many print agency freelance with many agencies.

Therefore my compcard does not have only ONE agencies info on it, infact it doesn't have anything, just my stats and then the agency will give me their stickers, or at a casting I will put the agencies number on the card. Compared to the girls working exclusive at one agency-it is a different thing for a shorter girl, she usually ends up freelancing with a few agencies and therefore making her own marketing material compcard is important.

I would not fork out money for a full portfolio shoot at the start of your pursuits, submit what you have, the best headshot you can prepare on your own then submit to a professional agency, if they are interested they will refer you to a photographer. Then you and the photographer can work out a rate. I would be honest about your needs and funds with the photographer, and if they are low say you just need a headshot and a few portfolio, compcard shots, so you can make a compcard. Or ask the agency for advice. The more ideas you bring to the shoot the better. The smarter you are the better. Do not plan to shoot anything without thinking about what you need.

A girl who is not a fashion model will have to be more hands on with her pursuits, so be prepared to do yourself a favor and homework by researching ahead of time print agencies, don't mail blind!... Also observe the photos on the agencies websites and try to produce some that look similar yourself or with a professional photographer.

Sometimes a simply cropped headshot your mother took will do, other-times it won't and you will have to hack up some money for a headshot, and print it, and mail it. Be perpared to do the work. If you are very broke a headshot will help you more than any other shot you will get. So focus on that.

Remember for a shorter girl you can not call yourself a model until you have done a modeling job, and to get that modeling job you have to MAIL by postal mail your photos to agencies.

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