Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Bikini shot on a compcard?

A girl asked me if she needed to show a bikini shot on a compcard? This was my reply:


Um no you do not have to have a bikini shot on your compcard.

I do body part modeling so I do have different cards for commercial modeling and parts modeling and I do show my body because I am comfortable showing it for print ads and editorials. It is not a "must do!" for a compcard.

Overall a bikini shot for print modeling should be full of personality.

If you do want to do a bikini shot, do it like a catalog, not like a diva or men's magazine, show the bikini like a catalog, with a smile and confidence. Think about modeling a bikini for a brand, you want to do it with a smile.

Another way to show your body is in fitness clothing, a cute dress or skirt can be cute too.

Or you could do a tank top with a bikini bottom, like I am in this photo above.


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