Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Being discovered as a model- Is this over?

I talk about the book Model,The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women, by Michael Gross sometimes, it is a good one pick it up. I wonder if the experience of being discovered is over for models. It used to be that ALL of the models were discovered by photographers or agents, and you will also find in the book the amazing changes that have taken places in the industry and the title doesn't lie, some of the ugly things that happened.

On Myspace and Facebook I still see girls trying to be discovered, waiting, if only they just mailed their photos to agencies they would get more done quicker and find more opportunities. Modeling, like any pursuit, involves taking it upon yourself to promote. What I mean by promote is not to promote yourself on Facebook or Myspace, that is totally the wrong way to do it. What I mean is to get a compcard and headshot, at the very least a headshot taken and mailed to agencies. Smaller agencies will work with a model that is not tall, or older, or not a certain weight, compared to a high fashion agency, so if you are realistic and mail and promote yourself and keep trying. It might take years, some experience, a lot of mailings, but if you want something you should always try for it. Just make sure you are honest with yourself. If you are 5ft tall don't mail your pictures to a high fashion agency. Mail commercial print modeling agencies. In smaller cities there are less of these types of agencies, so try talent agencies. In NYC there are many commercial print modeling agencies.

You discover you. This world is about knowing what you have and using it to get ahead.

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