Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beauty models have good eyes and lips and skin

Beauty models are not all tall. Beauty models have nice eyes, naturally nice lips, (no over doing it with injections ladies!) and an even skin tone without blemishes.

If a model wants to be a beauty model for makeup, skincare, haircare, etc, she needs to focus on getting the right photos. She will want to get close ups and shots that look like skincare ads and also makeup ads. However notice in the ads that involve cosmetics but do not create photos that involve you wearing way too much makeup. Showing your best features in a natural way is best. Close ups/ similar to a headshot. Smiling, not smiling, shoot a variety.

Mail the photos to print modeling agencies or talent agencies, stress in a note with your mailing that you want to do beauty modeling for cosmetics and skincare. List any experience you have. ex: working at a local beauty expo or tradeshow.

For photos: try to keep hair out of your face. Show your face at a profile, at a side angle, front and forward, smiling and looking calm, natural.

For those who are ambitious:
With celebrities working more and more with major beauty brands suck as Revlon an aspiring model might want to pursue contacting boutique size beauty brands and brands that might need a model but who might not have a hefty budget. Do some research on beauty brands, read beauty blogs, read WWD beauty issues, try to be in the know to know what brands are up and coming and what brands are growing. They migh need models. Send photos to the person who hires models/ the marketing department. If it is a smaller company you might send it to the owner or the product manager or pr director. Send photos that show your skin, your eyes,your lips, without heavy makeup. Although you are pursuing a makeup brand you do not want to be overly caked in makeup. You want to show your skin naturally.

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