Thursday, March 12, 2009

America's next top PETITE model?

The big question is can you get modeling work as a shorter girl. My answer is always: Yes.

Do you have to be realistic, yes!
Do you have to work hard, yes!
Will you model with major brands the day you walk into a modeling agency, no!
Will you be on a runway, most likely no!

However if you are marketing yourself in proper ways you can find modeling opportunties. Print modeling agencies and talent agencies do work with shorter models but skip learning to walk, skip learning to pose like a stiff hanger, it is better to use your personality and use what you do have to get ahead, whether it is focusing on a headshot and beauty shots, closeups, or focusing on parts modeling, or putting together smile shots, energy shots and lifestyle shots. The best way for a shorter girl to get ahead is to notice what the agencies have on their website. If the girls do not look like you, or similar in some way then most likely the agency will not want to work with you. So focus on working with agencies that do work with models for print editorials, ads and commercials, as a shorter girl you will have a better chance in those areas.

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