Monday, March 16, 2009

America's Next Top Model Casting Doom

I was running around the city this weekend ALOT, but I wasn't at the ANTM casting in NYC this weekend, however from what I hear the open call was totally disorganized and thousands of girls came out for it. Yet many of them found America's Next Top Model Casting Doom and this video can explain more:

I am sure only about 200 girls were seen. I think the media hype and the lines is what the show wants, hype. Well it sure got it.

I think if a girl wants to be a model she has to work hard, not wait in line and bet all her pursuits on one casting call for a TV Show. Don't fret shorties. Pick your heels up off the ground, grab your boobstraps and be realistic and smart about what you want, in modeling and life.

Being discovered as a model just doesn't happen anymore. Being picked for a show doesn't mean you will be a success anyways. It is all about what do you in the now and how hard you work.

Mailing your compcards and headshots to an agency, talent agency, casting director is really how you get ahead, especially if you are a new model. You have to mail your material, you have to have material, and you have to work hard.

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