Sunday, March 22, 2009

4 reasons why a model needs an modeling agency

It might sound like common sense. A model needing a modeling agency. A football player needing a coach or trainer.

Yet the perfect height and weight is not all it takes to get a modeling agency. Many girls get discouraged when it comes to getting repreentation. If you understand that models are not all tall and lanky you will see that modeling is also not just fashion modeling.

Print modeling is what a shorter girl should pursue and here are 4 reasons why you need an agency:

1. The jobs are better. Top brands go to modeling agencies to cast their models and talent. An agency is going to get a lot better modeling jobs than typically relying on Craigslist for a gig to appear.

2. Payment. Although the agency will take 20% out of your payment for a modeling job booking, the agency will also push to get the best booking rate they can for their models. Modeling jobs are not just competitive for models they are competitive for agencies that want to book the job.

3. Advice. For a new model remember the top modeling agencies are not the end-all. If you are new to modeling, a small agency is good to work with to build your portfolio. You also might have a better chance working with a smaller agency. A smaller agency can be very busy and you could get some good experience and some jobs to grow as a model. Also usually at a smaller sized agency you will get more attention and advice, when it comes to making your compcard and starting out.

4. Less scams and a person to call. Your agency calls you have a casting or booking, you are given the info, the time to be there, what to bring, and the rate for the job. What if you can't find the address? What you can't get in the building? What if something goes wrong. An agency is good to have because you will also have someone to call on should something go wrong. You are also less likely to meet amatuer photographers, jerks, and go through a mess of scams, when working through an agency.

The agencies reputation is on the line when it comes to bookings, they want to book the best models they can and as the model you want to do the best you can. It feels good when my agency tells me after a job " they said you did great."


elisabeth1 said...

thank you for the advice!!!! you have inspired me alot.. but can you please tell what the name of your agency is and in what city it is.. if the agency is with a website if would love to know it.. because i have been looking for a agency who would take 5'4 girl..

thank you for evverything!!1

Unknown said...

Market yourself to print modeling agencies. In NYC some are FFT Models, CESD, and Flaunt Models, some talent agencies work with shorter print models. The best thing is to have good photos to show, natural smile and show your energy and personality. There is also "parts modeling" that petite girls do. It is best to keep researching, and submit in the postal mail. Take control of your pursuits and make a compcard and mail, mail, mail and try. Do research ahead of time and know what photos the agencies want to see and try to present the best you can. Mail your photos and the agency will call if they think you might be able to work together. However shorter girls tend not to be jetset, a shorter model can find print opportunities but it is a very competitive and tough pursuit so be prepared for rejection, it is a business full of it. You have to be really confident but trying..trying alone is a huge part of getting opportunities. Being self-made is not easy. Don't expect a print modeling agency to do all the work for you, you have to come prepared with a compcard, and with some experience and not expect to be babied. What you see on reality TV is not the real modeling business. And shorter girls do have to put more hands-on involvement into their pursuits- Isobella