Friday, March 20, 2009

20 products short girls can model

Models are not all hired for fashion or the runway; many models are being hired to model lifestyle products. Many of them are not giraffe tall. Here is my list of 20 products short girls can model:

Shoes- print ads, ad campaigns- even Saks, Victoria’s Secret, Marshalls, Target use shoe models, modeling shoes can also involve showroom shoe modeling where you work with a brand and the buyers come to look at the shoes and you showcase the shoes and similar to runway you will present the shoes and walk wearing them so the buyers can see the shoes, internet catalogs-online shopping for shoes is huge and many shoe brands need models for their online catalogs, and magazine editorials for feet, shoes, etc.

Skincare products and skin lotions

hair care

beauty, cosmetics, health, pharmaceutical products.

Electronics including cell phones, computers, and head-phones, etc.

Jewelry and lifestyle accessories, including: belts, handbags and sunglasses and hats.

Many girls who are not fashion height use their legs to model, shaving products, tights, panty hose, and socks.

Fitness, this includes ads and commercials that show models riding a bike, working out, running, and including fitness magazines.

Travel- travel magazines, resort ads, airlines ads.

And everything from contact lenses, laundry detergent to tampons and home goods.

And much more.

I love fashion. But models are not just fashion models.

If you see the industry that way you can get further ahead and get opportunities, but you have to take a chance on yourself and market yourself the right ways.

Target yourself with photos that flow with these products to intrigue an agent. Then it is best to submit to a commercial print modeling agency.

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