Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Petite Model Photography Tips on Model Talk Radio

Coming up tomorrow Weds April 1st on my podcast at 11 am Live is a segment called:

Petite Model Photography Tips:


I will be sharing how to create photos that flatter what you do have as a model and how to look longer in photos that will help you get a modeling agent and modeling work. How to find professional photographers and how to make a compcard and submit to agencies.

The segment will be archived if you miss the Live show, listen anytime.

Next week, April 8th I am speaking to to Michael Antonio shoes Brand Management Director Diana Liao about the latest shoe trends, innovations and the highest of heel height at Michael Antonio Footwear Group. www.michaelantonio.com.

Model-sites should be illegal-here's why

Girls who are petite tend to be the ones who create profiles on model-sites. Girls who think they can not work with an agency because they are too short, and girls who are just "having fun, living a fantasy" with the word model. Yet many times these girls have encounters with "guys with cameras" who lure them into photo shoots and pay them rates. Or the models themselves are promoting themselves openly with a rate to amateur photographers and shooting not-so Model friendly stuff. The photos become more like porn as the girls act as the tease and try to "please" the guy holds the camera. I call this "Photo Prostitution" and it happens on model-sites from girls who at one point thought of being a model, but instead ended up half naked or in a really sexual position on some random guy's couch. These girls should ask themselves "what are you modeling?" Until you have modeled a product you are not really modeling.

Recently someone asked me: "Fact or fiction? Do models get in to really risque stuff?"

This was intense my reply:
It is a fact.It is easy to get into the wrong risqué stuff because of the internet these days. Showing your body for an ad campaign for magazine editorial for Shape or Marie Claire is one thing, doing it in the basement some random guy you met on the internet who calls himself a photographer is different.

Sure, when a girl is working with a modeling agency she is less likely to be in risque situations but it is the model obsession that has taken over girls in America that leads to many girls who want to be models using the internet to put their photos out there, and many of them getting into risque sitations from this...yet, even when workin with an agency you still have sometimes some awkward or not so professional things happen, but typically most of the time it is less if an agency is sending you to see a photographer than you meeting some guy that calls himself one on the internet that you met on some some social site.

To be honest with the internet there are more scams out there and I did make my share of mistakes. Actually my mistakes and the not so glamorous moments are what inspired me to write my books, write blogs and start my radio show and give advice on modeling, because there is ALOT of scams and jerks and perverts out there. Today more than ever since everyone is so open with showing photos of themselves. One minute you are just a cute girl putting your photo on Myspace, then next someone says you sexy and then you want to show sexier photos and soon you are meeting these people for photo-shoots and you are getting into trouble calling yourself a model. It is fact. Most of the time these encounters happen on model-sites. Websites that let anyone create a model profile, post photos call themselves a model and interact with amateurs.

The internet has allowed anyone to call themselves a model and anyone to call themselves a photographer,agent, agency and it is hard sometimes to know the difference if you are not experienced or know what real modeling is and amatuer modeling. Because photography has become a commercial thing anyone can buy a camera, upload some random photos on the internet and call themselves a photographer and the same with girls -they can upload photos and call themselves models and mingle with the wrong people via the internet. I can talk about my own internet modeling mistakes because I am over them, but it so it is very easy for girl who wants to be a model to get into risqué situations if she doesn't know the difference between professional and amateur. We live in a "show off make me a celebrity I want to be famous world" and many girls every single day are losing their dignity on the internet from being desperate to call themselves models. It is a fact. Personally I think model-sites should be illegal. Freedom of expression maybe, but I call it "the amateur internet underground modeling world" and it has similar aspects to prostitution. So many girls want to be models and so many of them do get scammed or put themselves in risque situations.

It is best to make a compcard, mail it to real modeling agencies, and to keep trying, if you really want to model, if you really want to model you should do it in a professional way to get professional work as a model. If you are short, print modeling agencies are best. Work on you photos, target them in commercial print ways and mail, mail, mail. That is how you do it.

Compcard printing in NYC option

Here is an option for NYC compcard and headshot printing:



115 West 30th Street Suite 408b

New York, New York 10001

212 279 2939 • fax 212 279 2936

Comp cards

Double sided comp cards: 100. $125
Double sided comp cards. 200. $225
Single sided comp cards. 100. $90


100 headshots. $110
200 headshots. $180 Double sided headshots.
100 double sided headshots. $180
Prints from digital files Up to 9x12 print:
$7 for the first print. $3 for each additional.
Up to 12x18 print: $10 for the first print. $5 for each additional.

Business cards

250 single sided for $80. 500 single sided for $110.
250 double sided for $100.
500 double sided for $150.
1000 double sided for $225.

Retouching First five minutes Free.

Additional $60 per hour.
Postcards 100 single sided for $80.
$30 for each additional 100
100 double sided for $110
$60 for each additional 100

Delivery Prices $10 per messenger $10 USPS priority,
2-3 day envelope. $15 USPS priority oversized or pick up your order.

Just got this pricing today, let me know if there are any changes.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Photoshoot modeling tools-don't forget these

Here are some items to not forget to bring to a modeling job. It is a good thing to get a few things before a modeling job, to make the experience more smooth and enjoyable for you.

hair ties or a hair clip- I usually buy these at drugstores for pretty cheap.
Usually at shoots, even for shoe modeling you are asked to clip up your hair, being prepared shows your on top of things.

robe- a robe is a good thing for a model to have for jobs that involve many changes, it is a good idea to bring your own but sometimes at shoots there is one provided. Go to Daffy's, Target or Walmart for a good priced one. Here is a nice grey robe for only $13.99 at Target.

sandels- a slip on pair of sandels are good to bring to shoots, for comfort and also waiting before you go on set or while you get your makeup done you can wear your sandals and keep your feet looking nice. I like these gold ones from Payless.

Sweatpants or cotton shorts-For a modeling job involving your legs you will want to prevent lines that socks and jeans can cause when sitting, so slip on sweatpants or a pair of soft shorts or your robe while your hair, makeup or the prep is being done.

Your own lotion and foundation-bringing your own lotion should be the norm in your life when it comes to shoots and castings. Bringing your own foundation is always a good thing to bring for touch ups.

Modeling in a web ad vs. a print ad

With web marketing booming you might be wondering "how does this affect models?"

It does.

Shooting an ad campaign for a product can mean not only print exposure within-in-store displays and magazines ads but also web ads.

Do models get paid more? Not always. Usually there is a set rate for modeling jobs and that rate covers all areas of advertising from print to web.

What's more credible for a model: web ads or print ads? I think they are both credible, the main thing is the brand you are working with, is the brand known? Is the job well paid, is the job with a professional brand? Are you modeling for a product that will help your pursuits or leave you stuck marketing yourself in the wrong way? I feel more acomplished when I see myself in print but web ads are also credible if you are modeling for a known brand. Web Ads can still pay well when it comes to modeling jobs and compensation. Just get the image, even if it is on the web printed or turned into a jpeg, and add it to your portfolio and compcard so you get credit and can hopefully book more work from it.

How do I get a copy of my work? If you are shooting for a brand, then at the shoot I would confirm that the shoot is for a certain time of year or purpose by asking the art director or photographer "So this is the Spring line?" or "This the latest mascara you will be promoting this year?" Then I would Google the brands name, go to their website, check it often. I would also Google the brands name + the word ad campaign. You might discover the latest images for the latest campaign in your searches.

You as the model need to be able to capture a copy of your work and if the work is on the web then you could Freeze the screen and then to go to Photoshop and then click File and New, and then paste into a new file. The image you froze on the screen should appear. Next just crop the image and make it into 300 dpi to print. You should also make the image into a jpeg. You can see above some cropping I did with a current shoe modeling job I did.

You could also look at magazines that relate to the product you modeled, if it is skincare, look in women's magazines such as Marie Claire, you might see the ad.

If it is a magazine job then at the shoot confirm the issue month and look for it. Magazines shoot 3-4 months advance sometimes so be prepared for a wait. But usually 3weeks before the actual month of the issue the magazine should be on news stands.
Rip your tearsheet out of the magazine and scam it and adjust the image size in Photoshop.

When it comes to collecting your work: The main thing is to be on top of it and to take it upon yourself to collect your work.

Currently you can see me shoe modeling for Easy Spirit, the ads are currently on the web and in-store.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wear Levi's to a Modeling Casting

A denim jacket, like this Levi's® eco Trucker Jacket, is a good buy right now, or you might already have one stored in your closet, whip it out because denim lasts and it very trendy. The Low Skinny 531™ Jeans in Olga Grey look good, and also pairing a denim jacket with black tube dress is also very cute.

At the Levi Store or at www.Levi.com

MySpace porn and Model sites-social networking gone bad?

Click here to read an article I wrote on TrendHunter.com how the freedom of social networking can mislead a naïve teenager to think that there is a far distance between who she is in the “internet world” and who she is in the “real world.”


Think about the brands you want to work with, the magazines, the agencies, and if you do not think they will like the photos you are posting on the web among your social sites, DO NOT download them. What is put on the internet stays. Enjoy the trend article. I feel model-sites and the obsession among girls of all ages is is the latest disease or virus you can catch on the web.

pay to be on Modeling Agency website?

With the internet changing the way Ad agencies and modeling agencies cast their models many agencies want their models photos on the agency website. But paying for this is a no no. You should not have to pay to be on the agency website. I work with top agencies in NYC and I do not pay to be on their website. I give the agency my compcard, they scan it and put it up, or I email them jpegs which they use. Should you pay to be on an agency website?

My answer is no.

You should not pay to be on a modeling agency website. As a short model you will be very hands on with creating your marketing material, printing compcards, and mailing and giving them to print modeling agencies to use to market you to their clients and to use for your castings... this cost can be $50-$100 and compcards go fast. You also have to get a portfolio which can range from $50-$150 and you have to print portfolio prints. You also need to take care of your skin, your hair, and basic appearance, you are already doing a lot of behin the scenes stuff and if you are giving the agency compcards you should not have to PAY for your photos to be on the website.

You can still work with the agency without paying to put your photos on their website. So ask "Can I still work with you without my photo being on your website?"

They might say "well our clients look at our models on the websites so your chances will be limited," but still do not waste money, usually $50-100 just to have your photos on a website. It sounds fishy to me and I would not do it.

When I get new photos or a tearsheet in a magazine or am seen in an ad campaign, I tell my agency "hey I am in this ad," and I make a jpeg of it, or scan the image and I give it to the agency to use for the online portfolio they created on their website of me. But I do not pay for this. I just make the jpeg and email it to the agent. The agent uploaded it to the website, but I do not pay for this.

Usually if you have to pay to be on a modeling agency website it is a scam.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Child porn on Myspace and model mistakes

I heard on MSNBC about a 14 year old girl posing nude photos on Myspace and getting in trouble about it.

Oh god!

I get approached by many girls on Myspace about modeling. I try to always stress that Myspace is not way to market yourself as a model. And that the photos you show can hurt you. Showing yourself in a revealing or semi-nude or fully nude, or in a suggestive pose is not what you do with your Myspace page.

I tell the girls to TAKE OFF the sleezy or slutty, or bad photos.

Because I give advice on modeling, because I have a radio show and I advocate on the web I use social networking as a portal to connect and share my tips but I do not promote myself as a model on Myspace or Facebook.

I do have a website but it is to promote my story, my book, my radio show and I do share a portfolio of images, but the photos are not nude.

Early in my modeling pursuits, when I was curious about the word model I did make photo-on-the-web mistakes. (Mentioned in my book Almost 5'4")

Back then I didn't tell anyone about my "photos on the web" but today it seems it is a growing trend that girls post flaunting photos on the web.

It is easy to become a naive nude girl on the internet. Not thinking about how damaging it can be to present your self in the wrong way.

Mostly a girl should be thinking about her future, her goals in life and should take the internet seriously. The internet is NOT a playground.

Usually a girl who shows off flaunting nude photos wants to be a model, wants to be wanted, but being another internet nude model, having a paid site and all is NOT modeling.

This is a video called: Just Say no to Internet modeling:

If a girl really wants to model, she should be careful about the way she presents herself on the web. Modeling is not about showing yourself nude on the web. Many girls think that showing their photos on the web is something that stays on the web, it isn't. How you present yourself is a very serious thing and you should be aware of the photos you show.

preparing for a photoshoot

A girl over 25 recently asked me about preparing for a photoshoot. This was part of my reply:

Your outfits should be simple. solid colors no crazy desgns or logos. Simple balck dress, jeans and tank top or cute denim jacket or something. I would look at magazines such as Redbook, Cosmo, Marie Claire and get inspired. Notice the ads inside.

I think the best time of day is in the morning like shooting between 9 am and 11am... or 2pm and 4 pm personally.

But a professional photographer should know what is best and the shoot should NOT take all day. You should discuss what you need ahead of time so make sure to do that. You want to focus on getting the nice headshot and full body shots you will need for your commercial print agency submissions and making your compcard. Sure you could shoot other things but make sure you get what you need done first.

For makeup if you can not afford a makeup artist go to a makeup counter at a department store or Sephora. For photography the main thing is having a nice natural lookig foundation, and then making your eyes pop but not tooo tooo much just enough. An example of a good headshot is the girls on the boxes of the hair color, go to the drug store and observe...also when you meet with a makeup artist you should bring with you some samples of the makeup you want from magazine tearsheets you have ripped out. I I would simply ask to have your "eyes done" and Show the makeup artist your examples, and then purchase the eyeliner or mascara for touch ups. Your lips can be natural or with chapstick r some gloss or lipstick.

You might want a more done up look but you also want to totally have a natural look. A not trying to hard look, just a nice pretty headshot.

No matter what you should look like you when the makeup is done, your hair should be natural maybe with more volume but honestly the photos should be an honest portrayal of you, you want the shots to look like you. So nothing nuts or too fashionista...just natural.

It is best to look at ads and get inspired, look at modeling agency websites and communicate with the photographer what YOU need. :)

By thinking of the ads and modeling jobs you can picture yourself realistically doing it will help you plan your photos.

I hope this helps and you have a nice weekend,


Click these past blog posts about modeling photos and making a compcard:




Friday, March 27, 2009

Why do you want to model?

Why you do you want to model?

This is important for girls who want to be models to think about.

Think about why you want to model: Is it just to call yourself one? Is the picture of a picture perfect life on your mind?

I hope not!

That is not why a girl should model and that is not what modeling is about.

When you think about why you want to model is it because you are a good model, you have something to offer the industry, is it because you understand the opportunities that you can attain and that you have a belief that you are capable?

When you know what you can indeed model- even as a shorter model- you can better market yourself and find opportunities. The reason you want to model should be because you know you can, not because someone told you that you should, or you want to feel beautiful, because modeling is work. Modeling is actually more about the product, the concept, the editorial, ...than you. You are hired to make the project come together, but being a model is not glamour and non-stop attention or fun, it involves a lot of work.

Voiceover Class- do you have a nice voice?

Voiceover 101 (1 day):
Thursday, April 2nd from 6:30-9:30pm - $52
* taught by Diana Lote of CESD

Email: Voiceover101Class@gmail.com

To book a spot for this class ONLY

Voiceovers are more than just having a great voice and getting behind
the mic. Come and see if you have exactly what it takes to make it
into the most competitive branch of entertainment with our guest
instructor, Diana Lote.

After auditioning New York and Los Angeles' top talent, she will bring
her casting experience to our students to help break down some of the
myths, explain some of the tricks, and describe to us what working for
New York's busiest Voiceover Agency is really all about!
Have the ear that's tuned into the market, tune into YOU! And maybe
shed some light on the best gig in acting!

A 3hr intensive:
- Intro and Overview of the market
- Explanation of the voiceover process and business in general,
- Discussion & teaching of a few key concepts to be executed with copy
- Copy with feedback, adjustments & guidence
- Wrap up Q&A

All with the V.O. Director from NYC's busiest Voiceover Agency - CESD

New York born and bred, Diana's years vested in the entertainment
industry span from production and advertising, to agent's assistant
and now, Voiceover Director for CESD. CESD represents the nation's
finest voice professionals in the industry. Whether it be for
trailers, TV, radio, audio book, promo, industrial, or narration, CESD
continues to be the industry leader, at the forefront of the market,
and across all new media venues. Diana has cast the voices for
McDonald's, VH1, Budweiser, Wal-Mart, Verizon, Degree, Prudential, Key
Bank, and Sirius Satellite to name a few. A member of NATR and fluent
in Spanish and Portuguese, Diana also guest speaks at NYU's Acting
graduate program and continues to search for tomorrow's new talent.

Location:The Producers Club Theaters (358 W. 44th St)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Modeling and Advertising on Model Talk Radio

The latest segment on my radio show podcast is based on how Most Models are not Young.

You can tune in here:


Recently a girl emailed me saying she was kind of older and wanted to get into modeling.

If you watch commercials and look at print ads in magazines such as Redbook, Allure, Self, many of the ads and some of the editorials even so women who are not looking so young.

You are not a model until you model something, or for something, for a brand or product or service.

Commercial print modeling sector is the largest area of the modeling business.

The modeling business is really the advertising business and with more brands and products targeted towards women 25-35-45 and older there is more of a need for models of these age groups.

Marketing yourself is such a huge part of being a model these days. Modeling is more than fashion. This seems to be something I stress a lot. Your modeling opportunities have a lot to do with your own will and effort. Your own research and how you market yourself. Creating the right photos and being ambitious.

Also being available is a major thing since castings and go-sees are random, last minute often.

Some agencies in New York City that work with models of all ages are:

Cunningham Escott print division

Save the day Model Exhibit at the Met

This is a perfect event for models to attend, The Metropolitan Museum of art is featuring:

The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion

May 6, 2009–August 9, 2009

The Tisch Galleries, 2nd floor

Exploring the reciprocal relationship between high fashion and evolving ideals of beauty, The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion focuses on iconic models of the twentieth century and their roles in projecting, and sometimes inspiring, the fashion of their respective eras. The exhibition, organized by historical period from 1947 to 1997, will feature haute couture and ready-to-wear masterworks accompanied by fashion photography and video footage of models who epitomized their epochs.

The exhibition is made possible by Marc Jacobs.
Additional support is provided by Condé Nast.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Most Models are not young- the young model misconception

Did you know that most models are not young?

You might think models are only young and that modeling starts when you are 16-18 and that modeling is just fashion, you are wrong.

Most models are actually older than you might think. Watch commercials, look at print ads in magazines.

Alot of it comes down to products that are out there and marketing. Despite the recession: Who is shopping. Who buys things? Who is more likely to purchase a handbag, a couch, a car, a hair product, a skincare product?

An Adult.

There are so many more products for adults. Therefore adult models are going to be working more to model these products in commercials and print ads. These adults are not fashion height and they are not flawless.

Therefore if you are older than 18, if you are not tall enough to be a fashion model, you should find/research print modeling agencies, talent agencies, casting directors and submit your photos to them. Don't waste time trying to conform to something you are not. If you are not tall if you are are not young there are still modeling opportunities out there, but you have to be able to see modeling as more than fashion.

Modeling is about modeling a product and if you watch commercials these days and notice print ads, most of the time they are targeted not to teenagers, but to adults.

Don't let the phtoographer do all the work

Recently a girl wrote me on Myspace and stressed how nervous she was because she had a compcard shoot coming up and had no clue what to do or expect.

This was my reply:

You might want to consider delaying the shoot or re-scheduling it until you have spoken to the photographer more in detail about what the shoot will involve. Don't waste time or money.

When it comes to the photos you will need it is best to do some homework looking in lifestyle magazines.

It is best to look at headshots too, look at print ads for lifestyle products, and to go to the shoot with samples of photos you want to create...not just the photographer lead the way. If you want to be a model you have to want to be apart of it. You have to be very much apart of it and be very hands-on with your pursuits. Know what you need. Look at print agency websites and notice what photos the models have.

I have written many posts on what a model needs for her compcard on my blogs and on my youtube videos and I would scroll over my blog before your shoot......the main things are:

a nice friendly smile shot, and shots that show your personality and show you in action, like a print ad for a a product. So imagine the products you would want to model.

Again it is best to look at ads to get inspired. Not fashion ads but ads for lifestyle products.

You might want to have some shots of you running in fitness clothing, or walking down the street walking a dog smiling, the idea is to be yourself, not fake. It is best to look at ads and share examples with the photographer. Don't just show up and expect to be told what you to do...this your pursuit, so make sure you do your homework and be prepared...and have a plan, know what you need and get inspired before you plan a shoot.

Otherwise you will go clueless to a shoot and basically waste time and money.

Try to imagine what you CAN model. DO not produce shots that are tooo fashiony -a print agency doesn't want to see that. They want to see personality, your real self. You being you. So don't over do the makeup and stick to basic colors. Nothing too busy on your tee-shirt no logos, just simple!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

hand/feet/leg modeling questions answered

A girl recently asked me: At shoots how many people are there?

My reply:

Usually when you book a job there is the photographer, the assistant, a stylist for clothing or the setting, a makeup artist.-sometimes yes, sometimes no. The makeup arisit depends on the budget.

For parts modeling there might not be a makeup artist, like for a hand modeling job I did recently for Bon Appetit Magazine there wasn't one to touch up the models' hands. For a product shot such as of jewerly for example, there might be a makeup artist for a very close up shot of the hand. Or when there is more of a budget for the ad campaign or catalog or whatever it is.

Hand models and shoe models, and leg models, and parts models should always be taking care of their skin anyways. With or without a makeup artist.

I always bring my own lotion always anyways to jobs, but when it comes to preparing for a shoe modeling or hand modeling job I had to make sure my "parts" looked good, get my manicure, etc. There is not expected to be someone on set to do your nails. You have to do them as the model your self. Go to the salon before hand. Or the day before the job.

Usually models get their own manicures, pedicures for parts modeling, and then you are reinburst for the cost by saving your receipt.

Do they expect you to use your imagination when advertising their product, or give you a set of instructions?
Yes and model should be able to get into the atmosphere of the shoot and understand it in a creative way as well. For the Easy Spirit job I did this past winter the photographer and art director were stumpt on the next pose, and I came up with it. Sometimes at a shoot the attitude is carefree and a photographer, art director will hear out your opinions. Other times there is a certain goal/shot they are going for and that's it. You do your best. I think it is always important for a model to not just be pretty -or have a nice hand :) but to have a creative personaity. A perceptive personality to be able to understand the camera's perspective and their own body to understand how to pose and how to put personality and unique'ness into the shot, even if it is just of a hand or shoe.

How long are you expected to pose for?
With digital these days you typically don't pose for more than a few seconds, take a break, pose again. Sometimes shoot can go for 2-6 hours or a full day. Depends. Usually people are understanding and if you are in an uncomfortable pose you just suck it up. Pain is beauty sometimes! :) Honestly modeling to me is creative, whether it is my whole self or my hand. I can model whatever and having nice skin has really helped me. Knowing my body, where my scars are, how to hide them, what my body looks like. I look in the mirror alot. I eve hold my hand in front of the mirror to see the photographers/cameras perspective of what my hand looks like before a job. I try to know my body well, and know how to quickly make a glass, knife, jewelry whatever it might be look pretty.

Do you often need to bring your own clothes/accessories/shoes, or do they usually give you what they want you to wear?
Both. Sometimes you are told what to wear, what color of shirt to bring,etc, but also sometimes their is a stylist. For ad campaigns and bigger jobs yes usually there is a stylist, but sometimes there is not so always be prepared, usually your agency booker will tell you what to bring,etc.

Searching for a photographer tips- hand modeling

A girl recently asked told me her interest in "hand modeling" and she asked do I search for photographers? And how to go about it?

This was my reply:

You could. Start at local photography schools, or look for a professional photo studio. Or have a friend or photography student take photos of your hands, like the ones I have enclosed in the email I would observe ads that involve hands, skincare to cooking sponges all types of ads. Perhaps a headshot photographer would be best, try to only work with a professional PLEASE don't fall for so-called photographers, someone who knows lighting and the craft of photography not just some guy with a camera is best for best results. When you speak to the photographer/make or female say that you need some :parts shots: of hands,etc. The best thing is to study magazine ads involving parts models and to bring them to the shoot/meeting. Be prepared, don't expect someone to know what you need.

The Bikini shot on a compcard?

A girl asked me if she needed to show a bikini shot on a compcard? This was my reply:


Um no you do not have to have a bikini shot on your compcard.

I do body part modeling so I do have different cards for commercial modeling and parts modeling and I do show my body because I am comfortable showing it for print ads and editorials. It is not a "must do!" for a compcard.

Overall a bikini shot for print modeling should be full of personality.

If you do want to do a bikini shot, do it like a catalog, not like a diva or men's magazine, show the bikini like a catalog, with a smile and confidence. Think about modeling a bikini for a brand, you want to do it with a smile.

Another way to show your body is in fitness clothing, a cute dress or skirt can be cute too.

Or you could do a tank top with a bikini bottom, like I am in this photo above.


Modeling tips: printing photos into a compcard

I received some photography, production and compcard and photo shoot questions recently which will be in the following posts. I hope you find the reply helpful.

Do I need a scanner to scan any pictures and print it on a special piece of paper?
No not really. You don't need a scanner. You should have your images on a CD. Make your photos into jpegs. You might be able to crop a photo and make it a hand modeling shot.

But you do need to find a printing studio or printing service to make a compcard:

To find a printer to make a compcard, which is more professional than mailing snap shots to agencies, would google: headshot printing + your city.

There are certain printing companies/services that only print compcards and headshots, usually if a printing place prints a headshot they also print modeling compcards. Or ask.

You could also go to www.compcard.com (that's in the US.) Usually a compcard is 5 1/2inches by 8 1/2 inches. Or about this.

Or Print up single shots. Maybe 4x 6" or 5x 7" at a local photo lab, would be good. And mail these shots to agencies.

You can also make a compcard of your photos at www.compcard.com for pretty cheap. Always see the compcard proof in your hand, ask to have it mailed, before you approve.

If you can't find a printing place don't worry,basically wherever a postcard can be printed you can give them the measurements and photos you have on a CD and make the compcard yourself on postcard stock paper, a compcard is about a postcard weight.

Usually it is best to have your images on a CD, as a jpeg, 300 dpi. (which is standard print resolution for clear printed photos.)

***It is also a good idea to look at compcard samples, and have a plan before you print a compcard clueless.

***Always see a printed proof in your hand first before approving it. Don't rely on the colors you see on the computer screen. Colors can be different when printed so see it in print!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

4 reasons why a model needs an modeling agency

It might sound like common sense. A model needing a modeling agency. A football player needing a coach or trainer.

Yet the perfect height and weight is not all it takes to get a modeling agency. Many girls get discouraged when it comes to getting repreentation. If you understand that models are not all tall and lanky you will see that modeling is also not just fashion modeling.

Print modeling is what a shorter girl should pursue and here are 4 reasons why you need an agency:

1. The jobs are better. Top brands go to modeling agencies to cast their models and talent. An agency is going to get a lot better modeling jobs than typically relying on Craigslist for a gig to appear.

2. Payment. Although the agency will take 20% out of your payment for a modeling job booking, the agency will also push to get the best booking rate they can for their models. Modeling jobs are not just competitive for models they are competitive for agencies that want to book the job.

3. Advice. For a new model remember the top modeling agencies are not the end-all. If you are new to modeling, a small agency is good to work with to build your portfolio. You also might have a better chance working with a smaller agency. A smaller agency can be very busy and you could get some good experience and some jobs to grow as a model. Also usually at a smaller sized agency you will get more attention and advice, when it comes to making your compcard and starting out.

4. Less scams and a person to call. Your agency calls you have a casting or booking, you are given the info, the time to be there, what to bring, and the rate for the job. What if you can't find the address? What you can't get in the building? What if something goes wrong. An agency is good to have because you will also have someone to call on should something go wrong. You are also less likely to meet amatuer photographers, jerks, and go through a mess of scams, when working through an agency.

The agencies reputation is on the line when it comes to bookings, they want to book the best models they can and as the model you want to do the best you can. It feels good when my agency tells me after a job " they said you did great."

Saturday, March 21, 2009

4 things models can do to get an agency

If you are struggling to get one here are 4 things that models can do without an agency and it involves self-promotion:

1. Try to work with a quality photographer and put together a headshot and compcard, with your marketing tools you are more likely to get a modeling agency. www.compcard.com.

2. Mail your photo to local magazines photo editors, aspiring brands and try to get some modeling experience. Sometimes experience can lead to an agency's interest.

3. Be realistic. If you think you will have it easy, be discovered, or that modeling is an easy thing to do you might as well not even try. Models are not discoverd anymore, the industry is about putting yourself out there with the right photos that best sell you. And marketing yourself to the right agencies.
If you are only 5'3" mail print modeling agencies or talent agencies. There are less short models out there but if you want to model, focus on what you do have and market that to the right agencies.

4. Try again. Just trying once doesn't always bring the results you want.

Friday, March 20, 2009

20 products short girls can model

Models are not all hired for fashion or the runway; many models are being hired to model lifestyle products. Many of them are not giraffe tall. Here is my list of 20 products short girls can model:

Shoes- print ads, ad campaigns- even Saks, Victoria’s Secret, Marshalls, Target use shoe models, modeling shoes can also involve showroom shoe modeling where you work with a brand and the buyers come to look at the shoes and you showcase the shoes and similar to runway you will present the shoes and walk wearing them so the buyers can see the shoes, internet catalogs-online shopping for shoes is huge and many shoe brands need models for their online catalogs, and magazine editorials for feet, shoes, etc.

Skincare products and skin lotions

hair care

beauty, cosmetics, health, pharmaceutical products.

Electronics including cell phones, computers, and head-phones, etc.

Jewelry and lifestyle accessories, including: belts, handbags and sunglasses and hats.

Many girls who are not fashion height use their legs to model, shaving products, tights, panty hose, and socks.

Fitness, this includes ads and commercials that show models riding a bike, working out, running, and including fitness magazines.

Travel- travel magazines, resort ads, airlines ads.

And everything from contact lenses, laundry detergent to tampons and home goods.

And much more.

I love fashion. But models are not just fashion models.

If you see the industry that way you can get further ahead and get opportunities, but you have to take a chance on yourself and market yourself the right ways.

Target yourself with photos that flow with these products to intrigue an agent. Then it is best to submit to a commercial print modeling agency.

10 Favorite swimsuits at Victoria's Secret.com

Typically I go to H&M or Patricia Fields for bathingsuits, however these are my favorites at Victoria's Secret.com. I do thnk Victoria's Secret needs some smaller sizes. Their XS is a tiny bit too big sometimes. Find all of these at
Victoria's Secret.com here.

Modeling poses- hand modeling and shoe modeling

Enclosed is a video on modeling poses for hand modeling and shoe modeling, I hope they inspire you. Hand modeling and shoe modeling, parts modeling is a great way for a shorter model to get ahead, and book modeling work with great brands and build her portfolio.

modeling job payment process

Enclosed is a video I made on the payment process for a modeling job through an agency:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Petite Modeling Possibilities-Short Model Support

In my recent segment on my podcast I talked about 5 areas of getting ahead as a shorter model:

Why a Tearsheet is important

Your perception leads to your success and oppportunties

Approaching the agency

Making marketing material and do you have a portfolio?

Trying is huge, being available is huge when it comes to modeling

Tune into the segment here:


Modeling casting styles- what to wear

Many girls ask me what to wear to a casting my answer is always one thing: Simple.

Here is a sample of a good outfit to wear to a modeling casting. Basic, simple, if you want throw your hair in a bandana or pull it back, usually the casting director will want to see your face, depending on the type of casting, keep makeup minimal. Unless the casting is for something specific such as a shoe modeling job or hand modeling, go ready to show your smile and personality. Print modeling is all about you being you.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Using what you've got to Model- even your feet!

Here are some more shots of my feet shoe modeling for Easy Spirit.

Using what you do have can help book you modeling jobs. So when pursuing modeling pursue and consider all areas among the print world.

August Bradley a Photographer to know

August Bradley is based in Los Angeles but his photographic concepts stretch past the city of angels. He truely has a creative mind,and it is hard to define his work as fashion or portrait or fantasy, it is a mix of all three. Along with fairy-tale, his images speak like an adult storybook.

Trendhunter magazine reports that, "Bradley started out shooting adventure travel and action sports photography from his base around Lake Tahoe. This experience led him to work with other creatives, and got him into the fantasy fashion genre of photography."


Everyone wants to be a hot chick

There is nothing wrong with that. However there is an illusion the girls put on themselves by trying so hard to be the next hottest thing on the web. I don't accept comments on my Myspace page that involve some girl half naked. I get these often,-another girl wanting to promote her ass. Even if she has a nice body is she really doing any good showing it off on Myspace?

If you do have a hot body, if you are a hot chick you can find real modeling work within print and commercial and work with brands and shoot for magazine editorials but you have to prepare for that. You have to present and promote yourself the right ways.

The so called -old-fashion- way is still the way when it comes to getting modeling work. You need a compcard, a portfolio and you need to submit, submit, submit, and try and try and re-try again and again. It is work. To me being a hot chick isn't enough. I want experiences, I want to work as a model with brands, not just call myself a model. Everyone wants to be a hot chick, but the girls who are really modeling are more than just a hot chick...they are smart and know how to market themselves and strive in ways that bring them forward.

If you are banking on being seen, discovered or someone else making you a model, you have a lot to learn little girl.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

80 year old Daphne Selfe is Britain's oldest model

I always speak about how Models are all ages. I recently discovered a model who defines this. In commercial print ads and in commercials you see models of all ages, even grandmothers- modeling everything from pain killers to jewerly, to cooking tools, to insurance but a particular 80 year old model is getting hype these days. Her name is Daphne Selfe, and she is using her old age to get ahead as a model. Her career as a model blossomed with age. In a world where many women want to stay young forever Daphne has found success in being who she is, aging gracefully and using it to get ahead. She calls it "niche all of my own." In a recent feature in the Telegraph in the UK the article shares her story:

"The grandmother of four's career began nearly 60 years ago but as she starts her ninth decade, she sees little reason for retiring from the runway.

Miss Selfe, who has never had any cosmetic surgery, still earns up to £1,000 a day in campaigns for designer brands such as Dolce & Gabbana.

When she started modelling in 1950, she weighed 10 stone and boasted the statistics 36-24-37. She now is a stone and a half lighter with figures that have barely altered - 36-26-36.

The octogenarian is currently on the books of top agency Models 1, has appeared in Vogue and Marie Claire and been photographed by the likes of Mario Testino, Nick Knight, and David Bailey.

Miss Selfe's modelling career blossomed in older age as she promoted the benefits of going grey.

"My hair is my fortune, it made me more striking," she said.

"Other younger models admire me but they're not jealous as I'm not a threat. I have a niche all of my own.

"I don't feel a day over 60. It's fantastic. I'll continue modelling until they stop asking. It love it. It's fun and keeps me young. I was never one for wild parties and I've never had any need to get drunk."

Miss Selfe, who celebrated her 80th birthday in July last year, was discovered in 1950 while working in the fashion department of John Lewis in Reading.

She was persuaded to enter a local modelling competition which she won and she was then photographed by the established photographer Gilbert Adams.

When a London agency held a fashion show at the Reading store - then known as Heelas - they needed a last minute model to fill in.

Miss Selfe, from Baldock in Hertfordshire, proved a success and she was duely signed by the agency and sent on a three week training course in London. For her first job she was paid 15 guineas - the equivalent to £15.75.

She then married and had three children but continued her modelling career.

In 1998, she made her comeback during a show for Red or Dead where she was spotted by an agent for Models 1.

She quickly went on to appear in major campaigns for Dolce and Gabbana, Gap, Nivea, Olay and has featured in Vogue and Marie Claire.

Miss Selfe has maintained her looks by doing yoga and keep fit - she can still do the splits - eating large amounts of fruit, vegetables and fish and drinking plenty of water.

She said models were under pressure to be too thin: "Some girls are naturally slim, like Lily Cole, but others take it too far and just look ill and gaunt.

"There should be a far wider spread of body shapes but at the end of day, the clothes must look good too. It's tricky.""


Here are other features on this model that believes you are never to old to do what you love:




Here she talks about knocking on doors, rejection of her early years, and not being afraid of trying:

Beauty models have good eyes and lips and skin

Beauty models are not all tall. Beauty models have nice eyes, naturally nice lips, (no over doing it with injections ladies!) and an even skin tone without blemishes.

If a model wants to be a beauty model for makeup, skincare, haircare, etc, she needs to focus on getting the right photos. She will want to get close ups and shots that look like skincare ads and also makeup ads. However notice in the ads that involve cosmetics but do not create photos that involve you wearing way too much makeup. Showing your best features in a natural way is best. Close ups/ similar to a headshot. Smiling, not smiling, shoot a variety.

Mail the photos to print modeling agencies or talent agencies, stress in a note with your mailing that you want to do beauty modeling for cosmetics and skincare. List any experience you have. ex: working at a local beauty expo or tradeshow.

For photos: try to keep hair out of your face. Show your face at a profile, at a side angle, front and forward, smiling and looking calm, natural.

For those who are ambitious:
With celebrities working more and more with major beauty brands suck as Revlon an aspiring model might want to pursue contacting boutique size beauty brands and brands that might need a model but who might not have a hefty budget. Do some research on beauty brands, read beauty blogs, read WWD beauty issues, try to be in the know to know what brands are up and coming and what brands are growing. They migh need models. Send photos to the person who hires models/ the marketing department. If it is a smaller company you might send it to the owner or the product manager or pr director. Send photos that show your skin, your eyes,your lips, without heavy makeup. Although you are pursuing a makeup brand you do not want to be overly caked in makeup. You want to show your skin naturally.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Shoe modeling results in Macy's

Enclosed are shots I took today from Macy's where my feet and hands and legs can be seen modeling Easy Spirit shoes.
- isobella

America's Next Top Model Casting Doom

I was running around the city this weekend ALOT, but I wasn't at the ANTM casting in NYC this weekend, however from what I hear the open call was totally disorganized and thousands of girls came out for it. Yet many of them found America's Next Top Model Casting Doom and this video can explain more:

I am sure only about 200 girls were seen. I think the media hype and the lines is what the show wants, hype. Well it sure got it.

I think if a girl wants to be a model she has to work hard, not wait in line and bet all her pursuits on one casting call for a TV Show. Don't fret shorties. Pick your heels up off the ground, grab your boobstraps and be realistic and smart about what you want, in modeling and life.

Being discovered as a model just doesn't happen anymore. Being picked for a show doesn't mean you will be a success anyways. It is all about what do you in the now and how hard you work.

Mailing your compcards and headshots to an agency, talent agency, casting director is really how you get ahead, especially if you are a new model. You have to mail your material, you have to have material, and you have to work hard.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The modeling portfolio is not dead

Today I had a last minute casting and I had to drop off my portfolio at a studio at 601 26th st. This reminded me of the importance of the portfolio and how the modeling portfolio is not dead. The web might seem like the easy way to flaunt yourself, but it is not the professional way.

Market yourself well with a headshot and compcard and be professional. Yes you need a modeling portfolio. Without these tools you will not work as a model. Common sense.

What would you do if your agency said, "drop your book off here." or "Go to a casting there." You will need a portfolio. You can go to B&H to get one. B&H calls them presentation cases on the website.

Prints for your portfolio are typically 9 x 11 inches so a portfolio should fit that size print.

I personally like this Pina-Zangaro style portfolio.

To be professional you need to have a professional portfolio, so dropping $50-$100 on a portfolio might seem like a lot at the start, but it should last you can you can get the type that you can refill the clear sleeve and keep it for years.

America's next top PETITE model?

The big question is can you get modeling work as a shorter girl. My answer is always: Yes.

Do you have to be realistic, yes!
Do you have to work hard, yes!
Will you model with major brands the day you walk into a modeling agency, no!
Will you be on a runway, most likely no!

However if you are marketing yourself in proper ways you can find modeling opportunties. Print modeling agencies and talent agencies do work with shorter models but skip learning to walk, skip learning to pose like a stiff hanger, it is better to use your personality and use what you do have to get ahead, whether it is focusing on a headshot and beauty shots, closeups, or focusing on parts modeling, or putting together smile shots, energy shots and lifestyle shots. The best way for a shorter girl to get ahead is to notice what the agencies have on their website. If the girls do not look like you, or similar in some way then most likely the agency will not want to work with you. So focus on working with agencies that do work with models for print editorials, ads and commercials, as a shorter girl you will have a better chance in those areas.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Styli-Style Cosmetics interview

Earlier today I interviewed the founders of Styli-Style Cosmetics. We covered the business and consumer side of the beauty industry and the roots of the Styli-Style Brand. All of their products are under $10 but with the quality of high end brands such as Chanel and Dior.

You can view the products here and buy and try them at your local CVS, Duane Reade, Rite Aid, Fred Meyer, HEB, Bed, Bath & Beyond and 1,500 over-the-counter beauty supply stores. You can't miss it!

They also have a commercial which features some of their newest innovations and trends here.

My favorite product is the Line & Seal 24 hour eye-liner- in Carbon Black, it is sleek and smooth, glides on easy. Doesn't hurt my eye. I also like the Smokey Eye pencil which is a pencil that isn't even an eye pencil, it isn't an eye shadow, or liner, it is all three in one, with a few easy strokes your eyes are ready and sultry!

There is a special going on right now at Styli-Style and for $24.99 you can get
1 Soho Flat Lip Pencil, 1 Flat Pencil Sharpener, 3 Hipsticks (Cool, Mojo and Hippie Chick), 1 Flat Lip Pencil (Madison), 1 Flat Eye Pencil (Cairo), 1 Matte Black Liquid Eye Liner, 1 product pamphlet and 1 Black Pouch. I think the pouch is very handy for girls on the go, I like it.

To listen to the interview click this link:


Being discovered as a model- Is this over?

I talk about the book Model,The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women, by Michael Gross sometimes, it is a good one pick it up. I wonder if the experience of being discovered is over for models. It used to be that ALL of the models were discovered by photographers or agents, and you will also find in the book the amazing changes that have taken places in the industry and the title doesn't lie, some of the ugly things that happened.

On Myspace and Facebook I still see girls trying to be discovered, waiting, if only they just mailed their photos to agencies they would get more done quicker and find more opportunities. Modeling, like any pursuit, involves taking it upon yourself to promote. What I mean by promote is not to promote yourself on Facebook or Myspace, that is totally the wrong way to do it. What I mean is to get a compcard and headshot, at the very least a headshot taken and mailed to agencies. Smaller agencies will work with a model that is not tall, or older, or not a certain weight, compared to a high fashion agency, so if you are realistic and mail and promote yourself and keep trying. It might take years, some experience, a lot of mailings, but if you want something you should always try for it. Just make sure you are honest with yourself. If you are 5ft tall don't mail your pictures to a high fashion agency. Mail commercial print modeling agencies. In smaller cities there are less of these types of agencies, so try talent agencies. In NYC there are many commercial print modeling agencies.

You discover you. This world is about knowing what you have and using it to get ahead.

A new law for child models in New South Wales

Does your child want to model?

I was recently contacted through Youtube from a parent with questions about her daughter and modeling. I answered her as best I could and try to reply to as many emails and questions as possible. Today I read this article that is about "how fashion models under the age of 16 in New South Wales must first gain permission from the New South Wales Children's Guardian or face hefty fines under legislation introduced to Parliament this week."

This is stating how the agencies/aka employers- "Employers will also have to adhere to the Code of Practice covering issues such as work times, supervision, travel and the balance between work and school."

The article continues with: "Current laws apply the protections to models under 15, but raising the age limit was in line with community standards, Community Services Minister Linda Burney said.

"I think community standards require it," she said.

"I am concerned about young people who may be drawn into the fashion industry at an age when they may be more mature physically than they are emotionally."

The fines for employers who don't comply with the legislation have been lifted from $1100 to $11,000."

This article made me think of print models, teen models, and the internet. I do not think there is enough protection of teen girls on the web on websites such as Myspace, face and the hundreds,thousands of model sites that flood the web where a girl can sign up for free and post photos encounter with perverse men and get trapped, or worse doing or meeting a person without good intentions to their well being. The word model, photographer and agent has become a word that anyone can have on the web, and it can lead to scams. Knowing the difference between 'a real professional' and a scam or jerk is not a judgement most teens can make.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The unrealistic glamorous Model life

Modeling is not glamourous. It is not makeup or playtime or dressup. Modeling is work, it is a business of image, not always of perfection ( think of girls in ads for fast food, home goods, insurance, pain killers,) not all models are wearing bronzer. There is a misconception of modeling being glamourous in the media and on TV shows which do no touch upon what it is really like working with a modeling agency, what castings are really like, how to really prepare for a casting or go-see or job, also there is not enough talk about the real hands-on work it takes to model.

Sure a few models are known as high fashion models, but more models are working within print and commercials. A model is so many things these days and she is not just a tall lanky giraffe. On the other hand-she is not just a half naked chick on the internet. There is middle ground here, maybe even better ground, for a girl who wants to model. If you are 5'4" or under you are considered petite. If you are 5'5" or 5'6" you are still shorter than what most high fashion agencies want. So you are stuck unless you know how to market yourself in the print world and to the right agencies.

To work as a model you might find that it is more work than you expected. More marketing. For print modeling a girl needs to work with commercial print agencies and it might come a shock to how much work you have to do. Not just learning how to do your makeup and walk sort of work, it is really work, research the right agencies, prepare and mail photos...yup lickin envelopes and mailing your photos and when you get representation hiking Uptown, Downtown to castings and go sees when the odds to get picked for a job are not high. It takes time to build a portfolio, get quality work, and it is not an over night success. You might not become famous, jetset, or live a glamourous life, you may never be in fashion magazines either.

Even when you have an agency you will still need to work hard, update your photos, make a new compcard perhaps, and you will book basically maybe one out of twenty castings you go on at the start, if that. An understanding that the road a model walks down is not always a runway or an easy one is the mindset a girl who wants to model should have.

modeling for shorter models

If modeling is only half naked and glamour to you then maybe you need to open your eyes?

Modeling to me is being able to model any part of me. My eyes, face, body, back, leg, hands, feet, stomach, shoulders, and among that my personality.

I look like many ethnicities and I put that to use, I do not limit myself by just focusing on one area of modeling or having unrealistic goals.

Shorter models can model many products, and for many different types of magazines but you have to be realistic, you have to see it all the ways you CAN model, not just the world of fashion.

If models are only tall and on runways, then you need to see that it is a lot more.

If you understand marketing and advertising you can see how models are needed in so many different ways.

Modeling is not just height and weight to me. It is being able to sell a product, being what the client is looking for, and using all I do have to be a model.

Not just modeling, but any pursuit you might have stems from the effort you put in.

There is no petite modeling industry. I agree

Sometimes I read posts in modeling forms and read some threads, I recently saw a reply to a thread about petite modeling it said, " There is no petite modeling industry." Well, even as a shorter than average model I do agree.

There is not typically an "industry" of petite models thriving and working, however there are petite models. I think it comes down to a title issue: Petite models need to NOT call themselves petite models, but instead print models. They will go further if they think this way, and in terms of getting a modeling agency to work with you it will be the same. Don't push that you are so petite, over and over, and over, making it like a negative thing. Push that you are a great print model, with great skin, energy and flaunt what you do have to print modeling agencies.

Talent agencies are also more likely to look at a shorter model than say a high fashion agency ever would.

So as an industry, petite modeling is not typically where to look. As an industry it would be the print modeling industry.

Most brands, agencies, magazine editors are not asking or looking for shorter than average models, but they are looking for personaliy, good skin, photogenic appeal, vibrant eyes, and someone who can fit the image of their clients needs. All ethnicities and shapes are modeling. Maybe not high fashion modeling but modeling.

It is all perspective and how you chase, and seek and pursue. So pursue as a print model and you will go further than strutting, bitchin' and complaining "I am too short to model!" Use what you DO have to get ahead.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Cost of Modeling

Modeling doesn't really cost too much money to start. However it does take a marketing sense and some stamps. A girl has to know what agencies will be more willing to work with her despite her lack of height. This starts with know where she fits in this modeling shuffle and faces the truth of her pursuits, which will most likely be in print modeling or also called commercial print modeling, where she should hustle and where she just won't find opportunities then her first experiences will be better. She can skip scams too.

Here are some of my thoughts on the cost of modeling:

Many girls think paying for profesional photos can be a waste of money, or they don't have money, or a modeling agency scams them, all of these reasons can leave a girl confused. It is better to think of photos this way: You need a headshot!

The headshot is the most important shot. A shot of you laughing. Your outfit she be simple, nothing too fashiony, and you should just be yourself.

Think of advertising, if you can make the shots look like ads, or involve personality, smiles, etc, you will see that paying $1500 for a portfolio is nuts! Just focus on what you need to get in the door. Don't get ahead of yourself. Skip the cakey makeup, boa, and bs, just get what you need.

Or you can just submit a snap shot to a commercial print modeling agency. I think it is better to submit a headshot or compcard, it makes you appear more professional even if you have little experience.

But if you can not afford a headshot photographer, then you can wait until you get an interest of an agency by submitting snap shots.

Sooner or later you will need more professional commercial friendly photos.

There are scamming agencies out there. So becareful. They rip girls off for money for photos. However you can tell the difference between a professional agency and a scam, example; If the agency is charging you hundreds or thousands for photos and you have yet to book a job with them then you know that is/was a scam! Skip the scams by producing your own photos. A legit agency will not force you to work with their photographer.

A professional commercial print modeling agency, a smaller boutique agency will give you advice on photos, printing,etc but this will come out of your pocket..which might sound weird, but it is the better way since many print agency freelance with many agencies.

Therefore my compcard does not have only ONE agencies info on it, infact it doesn't have anything, just my stats and then the agency will give me their stickers, or at a casting I will put the agencies number on the card. Compared to the girls working exclusive at one agency-it is a different thing for a shorter girl, she usually ends up freelancing with a few agencies and therefore making her own marketing material compcard is important.

I would not fork out money for a full portfolio shoot at the start of your pursuits, submit what you have, the best headshot you can prepare on your own then submit to a professional agency, if they are interested they will refer you to a photographer. Then you and the photographer can work out a rate. I would be honest about your needs and funds with the photographer, and if they are low say you just need a headshot and a few portfolio, compcard shots, so you can make a compcard. Or ask the agency for advice. The more ideas you bring to the shoot the better. The smarter you are the better. Do not plan to shoot anything without thinking about what you need.

A girl who is not a fashion model will have to be more hands on with her pursuits, so be prepared to do yourself a favor and homework by researching ahead of time print agencies, don't mail blind!... Also observe the photos on the agencies websites and try to produce some that look similar yourself or with a professional photographer.

Sometimes a simply cropped headshot your mother took will do, other-times it won't and you will have to hack up some money for a headshot, and print it, and mail it. Be perpared to do the work. If you are very broke a headshot will help you more than any other shot you will get. So focus on that.

Remember for a shorter girl you can not call yourself a model until you have done a modeling job, and to get that modeling job you have to MAIL by postal mail your photos to agencies.

Cheap printing:(print at www.compcard.com)

Model entrepreneur Iman-On Iman Cosmetics

Model and entrepreneur Iman, The founder and CEO of Iman Cosmetics discusses how she went from supermodel towith her beauty line specifically for women of color-and her success at taking the line to a mass market, on Businessweek.com here:

Why Tearsheets Matter for Models

Girls of all heights come to me and ask about why they can't get an agency. My reply comes in a few ways and covers a few things. Maybe you are not sending your photos to the right agencies, or maybe you are not showing the agency you can model with products involved.

Now you might not get with Elite or Ford and even taller models might have trouble, but if you can work with smaller agencies and get some experience it is a good idea. If you are waiting out for the contract from a big top agency you might miss out on a lot. The goal should be to get work as a model not just be a certain agency as the end all. Sometimes to get with a better agency, book better work you have to start somewhere, and somewhere can be with a smaller boutique agency to gain some editorial and print work experience. You can then take that experience to a larger agency once you have built your portfolio.

How long does this take? It can depend, it could take 6-year, or years.

Until you have some strong tearsheets, meaning YOU are in it, your full self, not just you in the background or barely there you. Whether it is your hand or full self it needs to look like a nice quality tearsheet from a known magazine or brand.

However smaller magazines, local magazines, smaller company catalog modeling could also give you some good opportunity and experience and tearsheets would can lead to working with better and bettr agencies.

Don't think modeling is just about being HOT, or pretty, or perfect, there are plenty of beautiful girls out there. It all depends on what you seek, strive to do and what you want. Modeling is a tough pursuit. It is not just about having a great body and perfect teeth or being the most beautiful, it is about really working hard and working smart.