Monday, February 16, 2009

You are not a Top Model and might never be one

..........Give me a comment, what do you think of my my friend.....these are some terms found in an online community website.

It is better to be realistic than to be suck in fantasy land. It is better to be honest with yourself then suck pursuing something and kidding yourself. I believe in fighting for what you want, beating the odds and chasing it, but you have to pursue in a way that will bring you forward not leave you stuck in the mud of amateur-ville.

Many girls have an unrealistic view of being discovered, or that their online portfolio will claim them a modeling contract? They think TFP or getting paid to strip naked in some guy with a camera's livingroom is better than striving to really get a tearsheet in a magazine or be who they really want to be.

I think many girls who portray themselves as "the next glamour model," or "next sought out model of the web," they are leading themselves no where towards where modeling begins.

It doesn't start until you are modeling a product. It doesn't start until you are being hired to model something for advertising purposes.

Yes you can model yourself in men's magazines, or get a feature in a magazine, but being a model takes a lot more than just a profile on a model site.

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