Monday, February 23, 2009

Write a Letter to the Modeling Agency

I have covered this before but it is a question I get time and time again. What do you write to a modeling agency in a letter when you mail your compcard?

A girl on Facebook recently sent me a message that said:

Hi Isobella,

Question for you - you've talked about physically mailing comp cards... and I'm going to do that, but I'm not sure what my letter should include.

Can you offer me any insight?

Thanks so much,

My reply:

Your letter to the agency should include not just your modeling interests but also share your persona and who you are as person and personality. The reason is that print modeling agencies want to see that you are more of a person and less of a diva fashionista girl. They want to see that you have personality which can be brought to a modeling job modeling a product. So you want to let the agency know you can offer more than just a pretty face. Stress the activities you are also involved in, are you a student, did you run track, have you won any awards? Stress basically who you are beyond modeling, as well as saying, " I would like to use my creative energy and bring it to print modeling, enclosed is my current compcard and I am focusing on getting more photos that bring out my personality as well. I hope to speak to you soon about modeling opportunities within the area of print...and commercials. etc."

Also if you have done a credible modeling job, such as modeled for a jewelry company, modeled for an aspiring brand, a tradeshow, was in a hairshow, or done a modeling job that could show that you have experience that is respected, - don't say you were on the cover of a Weed magazine-that is not marketable- you want to show that you have done commercial print related work,-if you have.

The letter should not be something you spend hours working on, it should be actually shorter than this reply. Your photos are what matter, not your writing skills but you want to express that you have personality and that you would be great to work as a print model.

Keep in mind right now is not a busy time for modeling agencies, and this could delay their reply, but to keep trying, submitting and hustling.

I hope this helps,



Mabatho said...

very inspirational and realistic.......

Mabatho said...

so inspirational and realistic..World, im taking on :-)