Monday, February 9, 2009

Why Model Sites Suck -Photography is bad

Many girls think that if they have good, interesting, creative or artful modeling photos that is enough to make them a model. It isn't.

Websites such as, and many others might seem like a good choice for a new model, especially in a smaller town where modeling agencies are few to none. Yet she should hold back, because joining a modeling website to showcase your photos is a waste of time. Serious mistakes can be made by exposing yourself in the wrong ways. So girls who want to seriously work as a model should not join these sites, based on my own mistakes and experiences here are my 3 reason why:

1.The Photographers are amateur. You can tell because the majority of them never have been published in magazines and none of them have associations with agencies. This is bad, because working with them will not help you or lead you in a direction that you most likely want to go to become a model.

2.These websites are based on hits and clicks and hotness not modeling potential.
Usually a girl will first post a headshot or some basic snapshot, a few months later she will be half naked or in a porn position, showing how easy she is and it happens so fast. Many girls who use these modeling community websites do not end up chasing their real modeling goals and just settle for being another hot thing on the web, which can really take you down the wrong runway and can lead to making mistakes competing to be the most hit, clicked or commented upon girl on the site. Which can be a boost to the ego, but it is not a legit way to go about working as a model.

3. The wrong people are looking at your photos. You might get to showcase your photos on a social site but that doesn’t mean that an agent will see it or that you will be discovered. The web is not the best place to start calling yourself a model. It is not respected by legit modeling agents, and you will not be able to get their attention. It is better to get a compcard or headshot made, and then focus on mailing by postal mail your photos to agents and agencies. You want the right people to see your images, not amateur guys with cameras of the web.


Model Reicha said...

Soooo True!
You are definitely a pro at this...

Savvy1 said...

It was refreshing to read your opinion!!! You are correct in many wyas!!!! I thought I was the only one feeling this way!! I am a professional makeup artist and I just recently launched my website, and updated my model mayhem page.

Although I have had some good responses to my port, I haven't worked with anyone yet. BUT THIS IS WHAT I HAVE FOUND:
1) You do have to weed and seed through a lot of bad models,bad photography, and bad attitudes. I am amazed at some of the "bios" and prequisites people have in order for you to work with YET they don't have the portfolio to match their high demands!! lol!!! Some of the more experienced photographers/models I do find are more humble. But it is time consuming to keep clicking through all the mediocrity.

And you are CORRECT, I found it amazing how many women look like whores on the site. In building my portfolio, professionals know they you can't have a bunch of "car models" and "playboy wannabes" in your book even as a makeup artist, as agent isn't going to take you seriously or represent you if your portfolio only contained that kind of imagery. It does seem somewhat of a popularity contest. Like an American Idol of modeling, only there's no SIMON.. LOL!!!

Good Luck to you and your modeling career.

isobella jade said...

Thanks for the comments, I try to always stress that you are not a model by having simply a website, or a photo of your self on a website, model-site, and until you model for brands, magazines, and with legit agencies, and go to auditions and castings from them and really start working with a brand that people have heard of you are most likely NOT a model, but many girls kid themselves. Sadly it can lead a girl to a dark place, depressed and counting hits and clicks on her websites, and thinking she is a model just because she has boobs and a some-what nice ass. The internet has really ruined the word model, and if a girl wants to be professional, really model, I mean REALLY model, she has to get her act together, because bad photography, bad makeup, and some glamour pose will not get her most likely where she deep down wants to be. Recently I read an article about a 'model' who had been featured in many men's magazines say how she wanted to be a model in Glamour magazine or Marie Claire...what I would like to tell her is....change your photos baby, because it is a different marketing approach for a female model to model in a magazine a female is reading. I made my mistakes with model sites a long time ago, thank god that crap is over. :)