Monday, February 23, 2009

To my shorty's: ANTM casting short girls cycle 13

I have written over 706 posts on being a petite model. I hope my insight based on my experiences have inspired you. I found out tonight about America's Next Top Model Casting Shorter Models for the next cycle 13. I wanted to share the information with you. However I hope you find always within you the real power to being who you want to be, and the hard work, the real research and tryng it takes to overcome the odds. If you do get the chance to try out, I hope you do, but remember as a shorter model, it is our personality that has to shine through not to make up for our lack of height but because we are not defined by height and inches. Print models come in all sizes and shapes, this is not something new that America's Next Top Model is introducing, it is nice however that they are letting it be known that models are not all tall.

This is info about the Open calls:

Here is how to submit to the show:

I personally suggest mailing a DVD of yourself no matter what. Or bringing it to the open call.


elaine said...

that's awesome! really glad to hear it. though of course 5ft7 is still a heck of a lot taller than i am. it makes me laugh that 5ft7 is considered short. it's not like we live in holland or something where 5ft7 is average height for women.

Anonymous said...

i agree i'm 4'11" and think that 5'7" is rather tall, it'll be interesting how many truly petite girls are on this show, if any.