Thursday, February 12, 2009

Teen Modeling and Internet mistakes

So many teen modeling websites have ads for personals. It is really not good.
These sites are total scams and desperate for ads that they put some adult lick me personals link on it. It is gross.

I Googled teen modeling today and there were many results, but unfortunately not many of them at ALL were quality. I did however find this Fox News article on Teen Modeling and pornography- worth a read.

It must be tough for a girl who is Googling teen modeling these days because all that basically comes up is crap, -model sites- half naked girls- naked girls, and it is really sad, misleading and scam-ful.

It can also inspire a girl in the wrong ways. Ways that do not make her a model.
What is frustrating is that a girl might have good intentions but the internet can mess them up. She might be capable, ambitious, with personality and photogentic but internet sites make it is appear to a teen easily that just being on a website and showing a photo will make you a model. These websites can also inspire a girl to rip off one by one another layer of clothing in a matter of months because to get more friends she has to be more naked, aka sexy.

My thoughts on the personals ad, is that mostly horny males are looking at these model websites. Now that is not the audience the teen might have had in mind, but that is what she is getting and that isn't helping her become more of a model, or headed in the right direction.

In my opinion almost every single girl in America wants to be a model, thought about fame, wants to be known, wants to be famous. Many of them think a model site or model community will help. But it won't.

I have gotten a bunch of girls on Youtube messaging me with questions about teen modeling and here is a video I made as well about it.

Well here are some tips for Teen Modeling:

1.Do not sign up for a model web-site -that is NOT modeling and it will not help you.

2.Your goal should be to get an agency working with you,- a real person-not a webmaster.

3. Don't show it off like a glamour model or diva, instead let your photos bring out your personality. Smiles, laughter, and you being you. I think Teen Vogue does a good job with this however it can be too fashion-y for a girl who is shorter. A shorter model should not focus on fashion as much as commercial print. So if you are a shorter teen- under 5'7"- then you should look at ads for Conair, hairproducts, MUDD Jeans, Alloy catalog, and things like that. Nothing too fashiony. You want to be natural because an agency will like that.

4. Do this with a parent and don't feel weird. Get over feeling like a dork, you need a person who is an adult helping you along.

5. Modeling takes a lot of confidence, and creative energy and personality, so don't think perfect,perfect, perfect is the answer to being one.

6. Modeling is really being involve with a brands marketing, or a magazines editorials so remember modeling is modeling products, or being involved with an editorial that goes with a magazine article, and you are not one until you model something.

7. do not go to a modeling school, they are a waste of money.

8. You basically need just a headshot to start submitting your pics to agencies, remember not fashion agencies, but print agencies if you are shorter.

9. It takes time, it will NOT happen over night.

10. Don't think you will be a supermodel, rich or famous from modeling, but you can find opportunities if you strive in a productive, realistic way.

Do this stuff before you fall for some scam or worse!

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