Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Short Models should bother

Something I do not share is false hope. Modeling is a tough thing, it is an unstable thing and although paychecks can be high and wonderful it can take 6 weeks to get paid and sometimes you might see yourself in the ad campaign, before your agent tells you. The self involvement of your pursuits should be not relied upon someone else making what you want to happen,- this I have always believed and if you want something you have to start...grow...and chase it...to become. I am not the short-cut girl, I am not the give it to me please girl, I am the I will make it happen for myself girl and I have been like that all of my life and I am quite used to it now.

It fits me to fight, and I know that it is very hard, but I also know it is very possible to be professional as a shorter model, to get legit work with legit brands, -am I saying you will be rich, famous, or set, no. I am saying there are opportunities but you have to chase them, want them and seek it out, work for it, and not be afraid to try. However trying in a realistic way that will help you, instead of with an illusion of what the word model means. You have to understand where you fit. How you can get ahead by using what you do have and now dwelling on your lack of inches. It isn't unrealistic to me, because I have been there and know it to be true. Being who you want to be, doing what you want to do can involve a fight sometimes, but that doesn't mean the short cut is the better way, it means the fight leads you to the best places,opportunities and feeling.

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