Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Preparing Shoe Modeling Photos

A girl recently Myspaced me about Shoe Modeling. She wanted to know about putting together some photos and how to do it. This was my reply:

First, know ahead that shoe models are typically a size 6 shoe. Sometimes a 7, more a six, and while some six sizes can vary of width and such, being a 6, is important!For shoe shows and print work you can sometime just book the job by being a six alone. Later if you have more experience, you can get booked without a go-see or casting, and you agency will just mail your portfolio to the client, and your booked! This past December I shoe modeled for Easy Spirit shoes, and because I have experience my portfolio was sent and Booked! Shoe modeling is a great way for a petite girl to work with professional agencies and brands, magazines, photographers, etc. Because if you shoot an ad for Marshalls, or a shoe brand, you can to meet really creative and professional established photographers, and the experience will make you a better model.- not to mention you will get a great tearsheet that leads to more. Now, the work you need to do: The photos you need for submissions for parts modeling are very simple actually. And modeling for a shorter girl is a hands-on pursuit, so don't wait for a photographer to figure out what you need, you can do it yourself, or find a are some tips. You should:

Create shots of your foot wearing shoes of all types and your foot alone that look like ads.  (look at magazines and study ads to get inspired)

When working with a professional photographer, or are shooting your headshots or beauty shots or commercial print shots, include a parts modeling photos of your legs and foot modeling a shoe.

You could also crop a professional photo you already have and use that to include on your comp card until you get more professional shots. Just make sure the foot is clear and your pedicure looks nice and fresh.

I suggest shots of your feet with and without polish, and natural soft colors and pinks.

 ((**Also saying feet model sounds ugly and scary, " It is better to say "Shoe model" or "foot model or "parts model"))

Later, you might book jobs for shoe show room modeling, print campaigns or ads for shoe brands of all types, festive shoes to elegant to conservative, remember the shoe you might end up modeling for might not be a shoe you actually like, it could be something you normally wouldn't wear, so include shots of you wearing all types of shoes.

What you need:
You need a shot of your foot in a sandel, foot in a dress shoe, and foot alone.

Show your legs in the shots but also have some in a boot too.

Then you take these snap shots and print up a comp card. or (get 10% off by mentioning Isobella Jade).

For printing for your portfolio you can use Adorama, if you live in NYC bring in a CD of images to their 18th St location, or do it online at their website.

Don't submit to an agency until your photos are ready and professional and you have a professional comp card. Focus on agencies that work with "parts models" and have "parts divisions for shoe modeling."

When you have your comp cards and envelopes ready to mail to agencies:  Put Print/ Parts on the front of the envelope. It helps if you can make the photos look like an ads, so look at some magazines at shoe shot, and you could show your legs, sitting, and a smile is also nice to show.

Here are a few agencies you can submit to: Parts models, Flaunt Models, FFT Models, CESD.

Google them.  To be professional you need a comp card and to mail them by postal mail is best.

Keep submitting! The key is mass mailing and not giving up.

Aim high and strive!

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