Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Models watching ads and commercials

So you're pretty and upbeat, you have personality, but you are having a hard time understanding what photos you need to submit to a modeling agency. Well, you can start by paying attention to ads and editorials and commercials on TV. Watching and Researching, and reading is a perfect way to learn about the photo style you need to present to a modeling agency.

Look at Ads: notice ads in all types of magazines, notice business magazines like Business Week, and lifestyle niche magazines such as Knitting mags, travel mags, cooking mags, fitness mags, all types, spend a day at the bookstore and go nuts. Notice the ads inside. Notice the models in the ads. They do not have a fashion appeal, they might not have on tons of makeup or the latest fashions but they are models. They are commercial print models, and this is the type of model a shorter girl can be.

Note: It is best NOT to look in fashion magazines for modeling inspiration if you are a shorter girl, -for reading ok, but not for modeling research.

Watch commercials: Watching commercials is also a good way to see a model working with a brand in a natural commercial style. From banks, to fast food, to retail commercials and haircare, from babies, to travel commercials. Notice the models energy, smile and personality. Also notice how because of voice over actors more models are needed in commercials and most of the time it is just a natural expression.

Notice editorial photos. Editorial photos are the photos that go with an article, and notice in magazines like Cosmo, jewerlry magazines the images. Notice the natural look of the shots, this is also what you will want to replicate within your photos.

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