Thursday, February 26, 2009

Models Jobs and Advertising Cost

Many companies will be spending less on advertising, or will they?

This is the question.

I think about how this relates to the models out there. I think that the modeling agencies will be trying to book as much as they can, which will be tough, and this can mean models will be booked perhaps with lower rates than usual. At least they might be booked though.

The brand still will have to pay for the model, the photographer, the crew, the editing, and then the other big,big cost of placing the ad in a magazine. It costs thousands of dollars to put an ad in a magazine, so do believe there is a need for models even through the recession, but I have a feeling the rates we are booked on will be lower, or the time we spend on set will be longer than usually for the rate.

For example you might be booked to work 8 hours for $1000 compared to a couple hours. Let's all be thankful for the work we get right now.

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