Thursday, February 12, 2009

Modeling Tips for modeling overseas or in another state

A girl recently asked me about modeling overseas and another model asked moving to another state because of an agency submission she made to NY from Texas and she got an interest and wanted to know if she should move to NY, I gave her my thoughts with this:

To be honest commercial print models do not travel much. Especially models who are not fashion. Basically where you live is where you, so you if you get sent on castings in the NYC area, you will not be send to castings in LA or anywhere else. You work in the city you live and since many modeling castings and bookings are last minute you have to be available in that city like that second. Living in a market/ aka a city that is highly populated with magazine headquarters, brand headquarters and showrooms, is better because there are more modeling agencies for print. In Houston there might not be a lot of agencies, but you can capture some modeling work by being aggressive with your own marketing, for example; attend events, approach aspiring designers, and new business owners in your city. Start Googling "jewelry + houston" handbags + houston" and try to find some aspiring brands you can work with.
Modeling is a growth, do not expect to be jet set and traveling the world as a print model. especially as a new one. So NO you should not move anywhere until you have experience. Even in NYC when you live near agencies and more brands and such it doesn't mean you will not be struggling. Modeling is tough no matter where you live. Just because an agency is interested doesn't mean you should move. Interested and booking enough work to pay your bills are two different things and usually girls come here with big dreams and end up bartending for their life, so right now, until you have some experience, tearsheets, and have something to move with that says you can model, along with a side interest that can pay your bills...don't move.
Don't get naive thinking you will move here and be a star, not to bust down anyones dreams but the reality is, shorter girsl, commercial print models DO work and there are opportunities in print for a petite girl, BUT she should not expect to be so super that in a matter of months she is rolling in dough and has enough to live on just because one print modeling agency thinks she has potential. Right now it is slow, and many agencies even the big ones are not bringing many jobs. But there is work and it is worth submitting to some agencies but I wouldn't move until you have experience to bring with you. Just having one agency working with you here doesn't mean you will be able to make rent. Right now it is ok to keep your goals local, Google some oportunities in the Houston area, if you do move to a city with more advertisers and magazines then you to have something to SHOW, such as some experience. Strive to be who you want to be.- Isobella

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