Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Model Stats- what does this mean?

A girl recently asked me what "stats" are? This was my reply:

Stats means, your height, dress size, bust size,waist size, hair color, eye color, and shoe size. Similar to what you would see at the bottom of the compcard above -notice the list of numbers at the bottom of the card,- those are my stats-and here:


When making your compcard: the printing company should already have the stats section prepared and you just have to give them the numbers. You can measure yourself with measuring/ sewing tape, - if your jean size is 24 remember your waist might be 22 or something, your waist is actually at your belly button area. Your bust is your bra size or measure your self. I am a 32.

But sometimes at castings you are asked to fill out a casting sheet and your asked to put your weight and other measurements, but your compcard only needs the ones above.

This is also a video I made on what model Stats are:

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