Friday, February 6, 2009

Male Modeling Tips

Since many males probably have the same questions that many female models have. Here are my thoughts on how a male model can mail their photos to an agency and hopefully get some work editorial modeling in magazines:

Males in women's magazines: Cosmo, Marie Claire Glamour, Shape, and Redbook. You see guys in these magazines too. The best thing is to look through magazines first, yes some women's magazines, so you are able to tell which magazines have used male models but not in a high fashion style but more in a lifestyle photograph that co-sides with an article or editorial in a magazine. More and more males are being used in women's magazines such as Cosmo. Also look into magazines even like Maxim, Details, Esquire, GQ, they need models but not always fashion male models. Style your photos similar to what you see in these magazines.

Also male models are also good for PARTS modeling, hands, feet, eyes, and body -but not just because they are buff and stud-like but because they are needed for ads for shaving products, even skincare, glasses/contacts, and hair care, and computer ads, and commercials similar to State Farm, McDonalds, so many things. But the best thing for a male to do.

Putting that smile and personality to use: Remember you'll need a smiling headshot.

Since the world is so much more commercial, meaning that there are so many products available for a mass market of consumers there is a need for models of all types which is why models of both sexes should create photos that sell them in many ways so they do not limit themselves.

Commercial print modeling is not talked about as much as fashion but yet commercial print is the largest sector of the modeling business. Make sure you understand what print modeling is.  Models are needed by many advertisers and magazines of all kinds, and brands not just high fashion.

The idea is understand marketing and to know where you fit and create/produce the photos you need to best market yourself. When it comes to mailing agencies, you have to make sure you send a photo that has their eye in mind, what I mean is think about what they might be looking for, a photo that matches the vibe of the modeling work you can realistically get and modeling work that agencies books.

Also I made a list of NYC's top ten commercial print modeling agencies for print work for models to submit to for print, these agencies will work for male's as well. Males do not have to be a certain height or weight, as you can see from the website's of these agencies male models are needed in the commercial print world just as much as females. But personality counts!

Here is the link:

If you are not based in NYC area I would focus on submitting your photos to print agencies and talent agencies in your area. There is a lot of behind the scenes, and prep work that needs to be done before you start marketing yourself as a model. Make sure you have professional photos, a compcard and understand what exclusive and non-exclusive modeling is about as well:

More on male modeling:


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