Monday, February 2, 2009

Commercial Print Modeling largest area of Modeling

Commercial print modeling is the largest sector of the modeling world. Models range from babies, to grandparents, and the image of these models is not based on height and weight. The word model means being in a commercial for a product or service, from haircare, to banks, to basically anything you see advertised in TV or in a magazine that is not a fashion magazine.

Commercial print modeling is sort of like acting in a photo, and it invovles real life situations involving products, so a computer ad would involve a model typing on the computer. A haircare hair for Conair might involve the model using or holding a new hair dryer. A nail care ad, might show a model painting her toe nails, a commercial for a dish soap might show a mother-like model washing dishing, or a car commercial might show a man driving through the hills or a friendly neighborhood. Commercial print modeling is where a shorter model should look for modeling work.

For a list of commercial print modeling agencies see the side of this blog or this recent post titled Top Ten Commercial print modeling agencies in NYC:

Or google: commercial print modeling agencies. Print modeling involves usually an ad agency or marketing company conceptualizing the concept for the ad or commercial. It is a good idea to work with a photographer who has worked with products, ads and has a quality professional portfolio to get natural headshots and energy shots, involving personality and an all natural appeal that show you attractive but not in a glamour or fashion way, instead in a beautiful but approachable way.

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