Saturday, February 7, 2009

Before you Download your Modeling photos

Before you think your photos are quality enough to be scouted by a modeling agent, or to be discovered by a casting agent think again.

casting agents, casting directors and legit modeling agencies do not have time to scout talent on the web and also there is so much crap out there on the web that it seems everyone and their brother or sister or mother could be a model or actress so there is no way a casting site, or social community for models is going to make you one.

My advice: SKIP it.

Plain and simple skip the internet modeling websites.

Sure it is hard to find opportunities if you do not promote yourself and I am all about self promotion but you have to do it in the right ways and putting half naked photos on some random website is not going to make you a model.

Before you download your modeling photos or sign up for some modeling website for a profile where you have to pay to be gawked at by amatuers and people who do not know anything of the real modeling business,- you should think about what it really means to model and how it involves having a compcard, a headshot, and mailing them to legit agencies.

The Old fashion way of mailing in the postal mail to a casting agency or commercial print modeling agency still exists today and if you do not have any representation or modeling job coming your way you should stop waiting on the internet to make you a model soley- it won't.

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