Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are you a real top model or faking it?

So your at an event, or party, or at the local coffee stand or on the subway, and the conversation turns to "what do you do?

A girl nearby says she's a model.

If you want to know if she really is one or just "calling herself one" ask her:

where could I have seen you?

What have you modeled?

what ads have you been in?

How many tear sheets does she have?

What brands have you worked with?

What modeling agency do you work with?

Then you will really know she is a model.

Too many girls just call themselves models to feed their egos, feel hot, or get in the door at clubs, it is a joke.

Modeling is work, so if the girl doesn't know what a tear sheet is, then she is most likely pulling your leg. If she only talks about her Myspace photos or some party promotion she danced at, then she is most likely not a model. The purpose of a model is to model a product for a brand, or to represent a service or company in a commercial or print ad.

From handbags, beauty, to tampons and computers,- models comes in many sizes and shapes like cars. Yet we all know the difference between a tracker and a sportscar.


Golden Silence said...

It seems as if these girls are deluded enough to think that posing in skimpy lingerie on MySpace makes them "models." Yeah, right. (Or the overmuscled guys flexing topless on MySpace as well. Shaking my head.)

Bre said...

You blogged a lil while back that FFT was a top 10 agency in NY but they have one of those sites that need to pay for. Have you worked with them or know anyone that did?

isobella jade said...

Hi Bre, I have worked with FFT before and in my memoir I talk about it, I had good experiences, but this was before the internet became such a marketing tool for modeling agencies. Many agencies, even very legit ones, that have been around for years, are turning into web marketing for their models. I don't approve of it. It is up to you if you want to pay, but I haven't paid to be on a modeling agencies website, and I don't suggest aspiring models do this either. Make the agent work, they have a purpose, get a compcard, and give it to them, and say Please use this to market me. You working with the agency shouldn't be based on whether you pay to be on their website.