Wednesday, February 25, 2009

5 Ways to get ahead as a Model

Here are 5 ways to get ahead as a model without the scams and mistakes:

1. Focus on getting the photos you need, don't waste time getting the wrong photos with the wrong people.

2. Print a headshot or compcard and mail it to print modeling agencies. How can you call yourself a model if you have not ever done this?

3. If you do not hear back, don't give up and instead mail again, maybe your photos need some work, so try again.

4. Try to get some experience by approaching a local brand, an aspiring designer, (a jewelery,handbag designer), or hair salon, and try to get some experience, sometimes having some can help you get an agency working with you. It shows you are ambitious. If you can get a tearsheet in a magazine to present even better.

5. Don't waste time on model-sites and kidding yourself. Don't do a paid site, and get real. No one cares if your body is the hottest body of a certain website.

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