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Making a Modeling Portfolio Tearsheet

Isobella shares how to cut a magazine tearsheet and put it on your portfolio and how she does it.

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Beauty Photos for Models

Enjoy this video on Beauty photos and some samples for inspiration, remember a beauty shot will get you further as a print model than some terrible not well done booty shot:

Models Jobs and Advertising Cost

Many companies will be spending less on advertising, or will they?

This is the question.

I think about how this relates to the models out there. I think that the modeling agencies will be trying to book as much as they can, which will be tough, and this can mean models will be booked perhaps with lower rates than usual. At least they might be booked though.

The brand still will have to pay for the model, the photographer, the crew, the editing, and then the other big,big cost of placing the ad in a magazine. It costs thousands of dollars to put an ad in a magazine, so do believe there is a need for models even through the recession, but I have a feeling the rates we are booked on will be lower, or the time we spend on set will be longer than usually for the rate.

For example you might be booked to work 8 hours for $1000 compared to a couple hours. Let's all be thankful for the work we get right now.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

5 Ways to get ahead as a Model

Here are 5 ways to get ahead as a model without the scams and mistakes:

1. Focus on getting the photos you need, don't waste time getting the wrong photos with the wrong people.

2. Print a headshot or compcard and mail it to print modeling agencies. How can you call yourself a model if you have not ever done this?

3. If you do not hear back, don't give up and instead mail again, maybe your photos need some work, so try again.

4. Try to get some experience by approaching a local brand, an aspiring designer, (a jewelery,handbag designer), or hair salon, and try to get some experience, sometimes having some can help you get an agency working with you. It shows you are ambitious. If you can get a tearsheet in a magazine to present even better.

5. Don't waste time on model-sites and kidding yourself. Don't do a paid site, and get real. No one cares if your body is the hottest body of a certain website.

Modeling Jobs Short Girls Can Do

Enjoy this segment on my Model Talk Radio show based on modeling jobs a shorter girl can do Weds at 11am, the show will be archived:

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Short Models Can Model

Basically if a girl is shorter and wants to model she has to target herself and market herself towards print modeling. Short Models can Model but they have to see modeling not as purely fashion. Shorter models model accessories, shoes, jewerly, and are seen ads and commercials modeling lifestyle products. Everything from skin care to cleaning products to cell phones.

Also shorter models are seen in magazine editorial for lifestyle magazines. Try to notice where a girl who is not a tall giraffe is used. They are used.

The best type of agency for a shorter girl is a Commercial print modeling agency, in NYC there are many,many, many print modeling agencies, but a girl still has to do her homework and mail these agencies the right marketable photos.

Commercial print models model commercial products, and a shorter girl should market herself and her personality to agents that deal with print models. Yes many fashion agencies have print divisions, but they also have height requirements which can dismay a girl. I would focus on commercial print modeling agencies, and stray from strickly fashion if you are shorter and want to model. It is best to be realistic and honest with yourself right from the get-go. Focus on what you have and how it can be applied to the modeling world, ask yourself "what could I realistically model for?"

When starting out and putting together photos for your compcard, it helps to think about ads and products you can realistically model. Products that are not so fashion foward. It helps if you can see that modeling really as marketing.

Create a modeling compcard and send it to the print agency and I suggest doing so with professional photos and by making your own modeling compcard. Sure Submit your nice smile shots and full body shots, your personality needs to shine through.

Modeling is really is a perception game, how you precieve modeling can actually get you ahead. To get ahead market yourself in ways that "show you can model" "show you have personality" "show you have great energy" within your photos and compcard.

I got working with agencies by submitting my compcards, trying again and again, improving myself and trying to come off commercial print friendly to an agency. Also many shorter models are parts models, and I do a lot of parts modeling as well. hands, feet, legs, etc for product ads, editorials and commercials.

A girl has to market herself properly to get in the right direction and strive to work with the right agencies.

Most models are not discovered, really it is about discovering what you have that is selling to be used to model products, most of the people you see in commercial print lifestyle ads (not the fashion ads) and in in commercials, mailed their photos to agents, and got a casting and booked the job. Models are all shapes and sizes but you have to have professional photos, invest in yourself, make compcards, mail them, and be ambitious.

You won't have as many letdowns if you don't expect to be discovered, don't expect for modeling to come to you, because modeling is all based on what the client is looking for, and it could be a brunette, a girl with a gap between her teeth, a green eyed girl, a mom, a dad, a grandmother, models come in all sizes and ages. It is all about how you approach it. How well you market yourself to the right agencies.

Short Models should bother

Something I do not share is false hope. Modeling is a tough thing, it is an unstable thing and although paychecks can be high and wonderful it can take 6 weeks to get paid and sometimes you might see yourself in the ad campaign, before your agent tells you. The self involvement of your pursuits should be not relied upon someone else making what you want to happen,- this I have always believed and if you want something you have to start...grow...and chase become. I am not the short-cut girl, I am not the give it to me please girl, I am the I will make it happen for myself girl and I have been like that all of my life and I am quite used to it now.

It fits me to fight, and I know that it is very hard, but I also know it is very possible to be professional as a shorter model, to get legit work with legit brands, -am I saying you will be rich, famous, or set, no. I am saying there are opportunities but you have to chase them, want them and seek it out, work for it, and not be afraid to try. However trying in a realistic way that will help you, instead of with an illusion of what the word model means. You have to understand where you fit. How you can get ahead by using what you do have and now dwelling on your lack of inches. It isn't unrealistic to me, because I have been there and know it to be true. Being who you want to be, doing what you want to do can involve a fight sometimes, but that doesn't mean the short cut is the better way, it means the fight leads you to the best places,opportunities and feeling.

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To my shorty's: ANTM casting short girls cycle 13

I have written over 706 posts on being a petite model. I hope my insight based on my experiences have inspired you. I found out tonight about America's Next Top Model Casting Shorter Models for the next cycle 13. I wanted to share the information with you. However I hope you find always within you the real power to being who you want to be, and the hard work, the real research and tryng it takes to overcome the odds. If you do get the chance to try out, I hope you do, but remember as a shorter model, it is our personality that has to shine through not to make up for our lack of height but because we are not defined by height and inches. Print models come in all sizes and shapes, this is not something new that America's Next Top Model is introducing, it is nice however that they are letting it be known that models are not all tall.

This is info about the Open calls:

Here is how to submit to the show:

I personally suggest mailing a DVD of yourself no matter what. Or bringing it to the open call.

Can't afford a makeup artist tips

So let's say you have a photo shoot for a headshot and you do not have a makeup artist and can't afford one. Well here are some tips:

What I would do is put on your foundation/powder, and then go to Sephora or Macy's -and have them do your eyes, your eyes are the most important part of the face to capture so have them enhance your eyes, or give you a light smokey eye and then purchase the shadow or mascara. A light gloss or chapstick is good enough for lips for a headshot, otherwirse ask to get a lipstick done too and buy the lip-liner, you can always fill in your lips with it later if you need a touch up.

Or if you do not have a powder then go to the makeup counter looking for one that is long lasting. A good powder to make your skin look pretty is very important for a good headshot. (I personally feel ready for the shot just knowing my foundation base is good.) You could bring your own fake eyelashes to the counter, or ask the makeup artist to suggest one. But remember the makeup artists at the store are also sales people so be prepared to purchase something if an artist is doing your eyes, or helping you with something. However this approach can be less expensive than hiring a makeup artist if you are broke.

Another tip is to bring a photo in with you from a magazine editorial that shows the look you are going for.

As for hair, I would blow dry it to give it volumn but you want to look natural in a headshot, like you do typically on a normal day so nothing drastic. Just be you. Or get your hair cut or trimmed the day of the photo shoot for fresh feeling hair that was recently styled.

Warning for getting makeup done: Don't say you have a photo shoot, they might over do your makeup, just say you have a date or an interview or something, because sometimes makeup artists over do it.

Write a Letter to the Modeling Agency

I have covered this before but it is a question I get time and time again. What do you write to a modeling agency in a letter when you mail your compcard?

A girl on Facebook recently sent me a message that said:

Hi Isobella,

Question for you - you've talked about physically mailing comp cards... and I'm going to do that, but I'm not sure what my letter should include.

Can you offer me any insight?

Thanks so much,

My reply:

Your letter to the agency should include not just your modeling interests but also share your persona and who you are as person and personality. The reason is that print modeling agencies want to see that you are more of a person and less of a diva fashionista girl. They want to see that you have personality which can be brought to a modeling job modeling a product. So you want to let the agency know you can offer more than just a pretty face. Stress the activities you are also involved in, are you a student, did you run track, have you won any awards? Stress basically who you are beyond modeling, as well as saying, " I would like to use my creative energy and bring it to print modeling, enclosed is my current compcard and I am focusing on getting more photos that bring out my personality as well. I hope to speak to you soon about modeling opportunities within the area of print...and commercials. etc."

Also if you have done a credible modeling job, such as modeled for a jewelry company, modeled for an aspiring brand, a tradeshow, was in a hairshow, or done a modeling job that could show that you have experience that is respected, - don't say you were on the cover of a Weed magazine-that is not marketable- you want to show that you have done commercial print related work,-if you have.

The letter should not be something you spend hours working on, it should be actually shorter than this reply. Your photos are what matter, not your writing skills but you want to express that you have personality and that you would be great to work as a print model.

Keep in mind right now is not a busy time for modeling agencies, and this could delay their reply, but to keep trying, submitting and hustling.

I hope this helps,


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Finding a Photographer Drama

I notice a lot of girls find trouble finding photographers, and even though days I do work great photographers I do not forget how hard it can be for a girl to find a good one. So here are some tips:

1. I know you are probably on a budget, but sometimes you DO get what you PAY for, so when it comes to the basic shots a model needs for her first modeling agency submission photos she should try to send something quality! Make a good first impression. I would focus on getting a nice headshot, a fresh looking smile shot, natural, and sometimes this shot can be taken by your mother, other times, you will need to fork out the money and pay a good headshot photographer.

2. Then again, sometimes it is hard to tell just from a photographers website if he can make you look as great as he made the people shown on his website. The internet and Photoshop can be deceiving sometimes. SO. Becareful, and cautious when picking the photographer, DON'T throw all your money at the photographer all at once. Many people I have encountered are NOT happy with their photos/headshots and they are broke now since they spent everything all at once on this photographer.

So instead ask if you can shoot just a roll or two with the photographer, or with digital ask if you can do like 50-100 shots, or one outfit. Test out the photographer first, don't just BLOW all your money without knowing the photographer is someone who you feel you could work with and produce a good photo with.

3. If you are broke, I would stop by a photography school, because to get quality photos, you need to be around people who UNDERSTAND the craft of photography.

For a girl on a budget to find a good photographer she does have to be savvy, so remember, DON'T rely on the internet, Don't call yourself a model before you have modeled something, and don't think this road is an easy one. Modeling, getting started, it is a hands on thing, it doesn't happen from just being hot. That is not enough.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Preparing Shoe Modeling Photos

A girl recently Myspaced me about Shoe Modeling. She wanted to know about putting together some photos and how to do it. This was my reply:

First, know ahead that shoe models are typically a size 6 shoe. Sometimes a 7, more a six, and while some six sizes can vary of width and such, being a 6, is important!For shoe shows and print work you can sometime just book the job by being a six alone. Later if you have more experience, you can get booked without a go-see or casting, and you agency will just mail your portfolio to the client, and your booked! This past December I shoe modeled for Easy Spirit shoes, and because I have experience my portfolio was sent and Booked! Shoe modeling is a great way for a petite girl to work with professional agencies and brands, magazines, photographers, etc. Because if you shoot an ad for Marshalls, or a shoe brand, you can to meet really creative and professional established photographers, and the experience will make you a better model.- not to mention you will get a great tearsheet that leads to more. Now, the work you need to do: The photos you need for submissions for parts modeling are very simple actually. And modeling for a shorter girl is a hands-on pursuit, so don't wait for a photographer to figure out what you need, you can do it yourself, or find a are some tips. You should:

Create shots of your foot wearing shoes of all types and your foot alone that look like ads.  (look at magazines and study ads to get inspired)

When working with a professional photographer, or are shooting your headshots or beauty shots or commercial print shots, include a parts modeling photos of your legs and foot modeling a shoe.

You could also crop a professional photo you already have and use that to include on your comp card until you get more professional shots. Just make sure the foot is clear and your pedicure looks nice and fresh.

I suggest shots of your feet with and without polish, and natural soft colors and pinks.

 ((**Also saying feet model sounds ugly and scary, " It is better to say "Shoe model" or "foot model or "parts model"))

Later, you might book jobs for shoe show room modeling, print campaigns or ads for shoe brands of all types, festive shoes to elegant to conservative, remember the shoe you might end up modeling for might not be a shoe you actually like, it could be something you normally wouldn't wear, so include shots of you wearing all types of shoes.

What you need:
You need a shot of your foot in a sandel, foot in a dress shoe, and foot alone.

Show your legs in the shots but also have some in a boot too.

Then you take these snap shots and print up a comp card. or (get 10% off by mentioning Isobella Jade).

For printing for your portfolio you can use Adorama, if you live in NYC bring in a CD of images to their 18th St location, or do it online at their website.

Don't submit to an agency until your photos are ready and professional and you have a professional comp card. Focus on agencies that work with "parts models" and have "parts divisions for shoe modeling."

When you have your comp cards and envelopes ready to mail to agencies:  Put Print/ Parts on the front of the envelope. It helps if you can make the photos look like an ads, so look at some magazines at shoe shot, and you could show your legs, sitting, and a smile is also nice to show.

Here are a few agencies you can submit to: Parts models, Flaunt Models, FFT Models, CESD.

Google them.  To be professional you need a comp card and to mail them by postal mail is best.

Keep submitting! The key is mass mailing and not giving up.

Aim high and strive!

Monday, February 16, 2009

You are not a Top Model and might never be one

..........Give me a comment, what do you think of my my friend.....these are some terms found in an online community website.

It is better to be realistic than to be suck in fantasy land. It is better to be honest with yourself then suck pursuing something and kidding yourself. I believe in fighting for what you want, beating the odds and chasing it, but you have to pursue in a way that will bring you forward not leave you stuck in the mud of amateur-ville.

Many girls have an unrealistic view of being discovered, or that their online portfolio will claim them a modeling contract? They think TFP or getting paid to strip naked in some guy with a camera's livingroom is better than striving to really get a tearsheet in a magazine or be who they really want to be.

I think many girls who portray themselves as "the next glamour model," or "next sought out model of the web," they are leading themselves no where towards where modeling begins.

It doesn't start until you are modeling a product. It doesn't start until you are being hired to model something for advertising purposes.

Yes you can model yourself in men's magazines, or get a feature in a magazine, but being a model takes a lot more than just a profile on a model site.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

How to get a modeling agency photo tips

If you want to work with a modeling agency, then you have to take yourself and the photos you present seriously. The first thing to do is go to the website of the agency you want to work with and check out the photos the models have. And then it comes down to producing a photo that is similar which you can submit.

Shorter girls, girls who are not 5'7" should be sticking to commercial print modeling.

It is important to represent yourself clearly and honestly and naturally for commercial print modeling.

I think a lot of girls miss this. They forget importance of perfecting a headshot and beauty shot and they focus too much on flaunting themselves on the web or in wrong ways with wrong photos when a good headshot, that shows your personality and that you have good energy can get you a modeling agency quicker. Models don't just work in the modeling business they work in the advertising business and you have to show in your photos that you can model a product and represent a brand, or product's image.

Watch some commercials, it isn't hard to tell the type of appeal you need because most of the girls in commercials are NOT fashion models.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Model in Bride Magazines Model Marketing tips

A girl on Myspace recently asked me about modeling in Bride Magazines and for Bridal dress designers. She was a taller model, but no matter your height my reply might inspire you.


It does help to get an agency and the work you want in the bridal industry if you have a photo of yourself in a dress.

However you can market yourself and start by doing a few things/ or try:

Mail photos to photo editors at Bridal magazines.
Read bridal magazines and find out who is shooting the editorials in the magazines, before the editorial you can see the photographes name. Google them and see if you can get a test shoot.
Reach hairstylists and jewelry designers who design for the bridal customer and see if they need a model. Might be able to get some test shots or experience.
Pitch an actual wedding photographer and try to get some test shots.

Focus on getting a smile and energy shots, photos that show your personality. You do not want to get too stuck in the fashion sector that you miss out on opportunities so although you are tall you also want to show your personality in photos and also not make your photos TOO fashiony, more natural is best.

Do not market yourself with your Myspace account, it is better to market yourself with a print photo, or make a compcard at or send a jpeg, not Myspace!

isobella "

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hand Modeling Tips for Petite Models

Petite models make great hand models. Of course you do need photos of your hands, and you do need to mail them to modeling agencies that work with "parts" models. (Google hand modeling or parts modeling + agencies).

Here is a video featuring a latest tearsheet I gained hand modeling.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Teen Modeling and Internet mistakes

So many teen modeling websites have ads for personals. It is really not good.
These sites are total scams and desperate for ads that they put some adult lick me personals link on it. It is gross.

I Googled teen modeling today and there were many results, but unfortunately not many of them at ALL were quality. I did however find this Fox News article on Teen Modeling and pornography- worth a read.

It must be tough for a girl who is Googling teen modeling these days because all that basically comes up is crap, -model sites- half naked girls- naked girls, and it is really sad, misleading and scam-ful.

It can also inspire a girl in the wrong ways. Ways that do not make her a model.
What is frustrating is that a girl might have good intentions but the internet can mess them up. She might be capable, ambitious, with personality and photogentic but internet sites make it is appear to a teen easily that just being on a website and showing a photo will make you a model. These websites can also inspire a girl to rip off one by one another layer of clothing in a matter of months because to get more friends she has to be more naked, aka sexy.

My thoughts on the personals ad, is that mostly horny males are looking at these model websites. Now that is not the audience the teen might have had in mind, but that is what she is getting and that isn't helping her become more of a model, or headed in the right direction.

In my opinion almost every single girl in America wants to be a model, thought about fame, wants to be known, wants to be famous. Many of them think a model site or model community will help. But it won't.

I have gotten a bunch of girls on Youtube messaging me with questions about teen modeling and here is a video I made as well about it.

Well here are some tips for Teen Modeling:

1.Do not sign up for a model web-site -that is NOT modeling and it will not help you.

2.Your goal should be to get an agency working with you,- a real person-not a webmaster.

3. Don't show it off like a glamour model or diva, instead let your photos bring out your personality. Smiles, laughter, and you being you. I think Teen Vogue does a good job with this however it can be too fashion-y for a girl who is shorter. A shorter model should not focus on fashion as much as commercial print. So if you are a shorter teen- under 5'7"- then you should look at ads for Conair, hairproducts, MUDD Jeans, Alloy catalog, and things like that. Nothing too fashiony. You want to be natural because an agency will like that.

4. Do this with a parent and don't feel weird. Get over feeling like a dork, you need a person who is an adult helping you along.

5. Modeling takes a lot of confidence, and creative energy and personality, so don't think perfect,perfect, perfect is the answer to being one.

6. Modeling is really being involve with a brands marketing, or a magazines editorials so remember modeling is modeling products, or being involved with an editorial that goes with a magazine article, and you are not one until you model something.

7. do not go to a modeling school, they are a waste of money.

8. You basically need just a headshot to start submitting your pics to agencies, remember not fashion agencies, but print agencies if you are shorter.

9. It takes time, it will NOT happen over night.

10. Don't think you will be a supermodel, rich or famous from modeling, but you can find opportunities if you strive in a productive, realistic way.

Do this stuff before you fall for some scam or worse!

Favorite Petite Finds on Sale

Believe it or not alot of my dresses are under $40.These are some cute items that are on sale and fit petite from, enjoy!

Just $29.00
Denim pencil skirt
Flattering denim pencil skirt with front scoop and coin pockets, back slit. Back zip. 23" long. Cotton, enzyme-washed for character.

Just $39
This is a cute Sheath dress, try it in black too.
This dress has matching belt with covered buckle; princess seaming. Hidden back zip, back slit. Knee-length; 23" from waist. Polyester/rayon/spandex. Dry clean.

Not sure you like this style but I really do.

Check out this peep-toe, they make me happy and they have a sex appeal but a sophistication about it.

These are something I want too:

Pink shoes are not something every single girl might want, but I do.

Modeling without a Modeling Agency- Model Talk Radio

It is not easy to market yourself as a model, on your own, without an agent at first, but it is possible and sometimes it is how it will be. So my current segment on Model Talk Radio will inspire you with a new perspective on how to market yourself and the things you can do right now to put your modeling goals in action.

Modeling Tips for modeling overseas or in another state

A girl recently asked me about modeling overseas and another model asked moving to another state because of an agency submission she made to NY from Texas and she got an interest and wanted to know if she should move to NY, I gave her my thoughts with this:

To be honest commercial print models do not travel much. Especially models who are not fashion. Basically where you live is where you, so you if you get sent on castings in the NYC area, you will not be send to castings in LA or anywhere else. You work in the city you live and since many modeling castings and bookings are last minute you have to be available in that city like that second. Living in a market/ aka a city that is highly populated with magazine headquarters, brand headquarters and showrooms, is better because there are more modeling agencies for print. In Houston there might not be a lot of agencies, but you can capture some modeling work by being aggressive with your own marketing, for example; attend events, approach aspiring designers, and new business owners in your city. Start Googling "jewelry + houston" handbags + houston" and try to find some aspiring brands you can work with.
Modeling is a growth, do not expect to be jet set and traveling the world as a print model. especially as a new one. So NO you should not move anywhere until you have experience. Even in NYC when you live near agencies and more brands and such it doesn't mean you will not be struggling. Modeling is tough no matter where you live. Just because an agency is interested doesn't mean you should move. Interested and booking enough work to pay your bills are two different things and usually girls come here with big dreams and end up bartending for their life, so right now, until you have some experience, tearsheets, and have something to move with that says you can model, along with a side interest that can pay your bills...don't move.
Don't get naive thinking you will move here and be a star, not to bust down anyones dreams but the reality is, shorter girsl, commercial print models DO work and there are opportunities in print for a petite girl, BUT she should not expect to be so super that in a matter of months she is rolling in dough and has enough to live on just because one print modeling agency thinks she has potential. Right now it is slow, and many agencies even the big ones are not bringing many jobs. But there is work and it is worth submitting to some agencies but I wouldn't move until you have experience to bring with you. Just having one agency working with you here doesn't mean you will be able to make rent. Right now it is ok to keep your goals local, Google some oportunities in the Houston area, if you do move to a city with more advertisers and magazines then you to have something to SHOW, such as some experience. Strive to be who you want to be.- Isobella

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Models Being a in a Music Video

To build your film,tv,-acting reel I do not suggest doing roles where you do not have a significant role. It is better to be the lead if possible, and then you will have more material to show a casting director or agent. This is an example of a job I did with singer Elvis Martinez. It was a great day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Learn from SI Swimsuit issue on how to pose

DO yourself a favor and pick up the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Learn a thing or two.

Model Stats- what does this mean?

A girl recently asked me what "stats" are? This was my reply:

Stats means, your height, dress size, bust size,waist size, hair color, eye color, and shoe size. Similar to what you would see at the bottom of the compcard above -notice the list of numbers at the bottom of the card,- those are my stats-and here:

When making your compcard: the printing company should already have the stats section prepared and you just have to give them the numbers. You can measure yourself with measuring/ sewing tape, - if your jean size is 24 remember your waist might be 22 or something, your waist is actually at your belly button area. Your bust is your bra size or measure your self. I am a 32.

But sometimes at castings you are asked to fill out a casting sheet and your asked to put your weight and other measurements, but your compcard only needs the ones above.

This is also a video I made on what model Stats are:

Monday, February 9, 2009

Why Model Sites Suck -Photography is bad

Many girls think that if they have good, interesting, creative or artful modeling photos that is enough to make them a model. It isn't.

Websites such as, and many others might seem like a good choice for a new model, especially in a smaller town where modeling agencies are few to none. Yet she should hold back, because joining a modeling website to showcase your photos is a waste of time. Serious mistakes can be made by exposing yourself in the wrong ways. So girls who want to seriously work as a model should not join these sites, based on my own mistakes and experiences here are my 3 reason why:

1.The Photographers are amateur. You can tell because the majority of them never have been published in magazines and none of them have associations with agencies. This is bad, because working with them will not help you or lead you in a direction that you most likely want to go to become a model.

2.These websites are based on hits and clicks and hotness not modeling potential.
Usually a girl will first post a headshot or some basic snapshot, a few months later she will be half naked or in a porn position, showing how easy she is and it happens so fast. Many girls who use these modeling community websites do not end up chasing their real modeling goals and just settle for being another hot thing on the web, which can really take you down the wrong runway and can lead to making mistakes competing to be the most hit, clicked or commented upon girl on the site. Which can be a boost to the ego, but it is not a legit way to go about working as a model.

3. The wrong people are looking at your photos. You might get to showcase your photos on a social site but that doesn’t mean that an agent will see it or that you will be discovered. The web is not the best place to start calling yourself a model. It is not respected by legit modeling agents, and you will not be able to get their attention. It is better to get a compcard or headshot made, and then focus on mailing by postal mail your photos to agents and agencies. You want the right people to see your images, not amateur guys with cameras of the web.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

fitness modeling photos to show body

You do not have to show your body in a glamour-ish pin up pose to show your body, you can show it in a way that a casting agency would like to see. Fitness and swimwear can be good choices, along with a dress that can also slightly show your curves. You don't have to overly sexy to show your body but still get the point across that you have a nice one. Consider fitness photos.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Before you Download your Modeling photos

Before you think your photos are quality enough to be scouted by a modeling agent, or to be discovered by a casting agent think again.

casting agents, casting directors and legit modeling agencies do not have time to scout talent on the web and also there is so much crap out there on the web that it seems everyone and their brother or sister or mother could be a model or actress so there is no way a casting site, or social community for models is going to make you one.

My advice: SKIP it.

Plain and simple skip the internet modeling websites.

Sure it is hard to find opportunities if you do not promote yourself and I am all about self promotion but you have to do it in the right ways and putting half naked photos on some random website is not going to make you a model.

Before you download your modeling photos or sign up for some modeling website for a profile where you have to pay to be gawked at by amatuers and people who do not know anything of the real modeling business,- you should think about what it really means to model and how it involves having a compcard, a headshot, and mailing them to legit agencies.

The Old fashion way of mailing in the postal mail to a casting agency or commercial print modeling agency still exists today and if you do not have any representation or modeling job coming your way you should stop waiting on the internet to make you a model soley- it won't.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Male Modeling Tips

Since many males probably have the same questions that many female models have. Here are my thoughts on how a male model can mail their photos to an agency and hopefully get some work editorial modeling in magazines:

Males in women's magazines: Cosmo, Marie Claire Glamour, Shape, and Redbook. You see guys in these magazines too. The best thing is to look through magazines first, yes some women's magazines, so you are able to tell which magazines have used male models but not in a high fashion style but more in a lifestyle photograph that co-sides with an article or editorial in a magazine. More and more males are being used in women's magazines such as Cosmo. Also look into magazines even like Maxim, Details, Esquire, GQ, they need models but not always fashion male models. Style your photos similar to what you see in these magazines.

Also male models are also good for PARTS modeling, hands, feet, eyes, and body -but not just because they are buff and stud-like but because they are needed for ads for shaving products, even skincare, glasses/contacts, and hair care, and computer ads, and commercials similar to State Farm, McDonalds, so many things. But the best thing for a male to do.

Putting that smile and personality to use: Remember you'll need a smiling headshot.

Since the world is so much more commercial, meaning that there are so many products available for a mass market of consumers there is a need for models of all types which is why models of both sexes should create photos that sell them in many ways so they do not limit themselves.

Commercial print modeling is not talked about as much as fashion but yet commercial print is the largest sector of the modeling business. Make sure you understand what print modeling is.  Models are needed by many advertisers and magazines of all kinds, and brands not just high fashion.

The idea is understand marketing and to know where you fit and create/produce the photos you need to best market yourself. When it comes to mailing agencies, you have to make sure you send a photo that has their eye in mind, what I mean is think about what they might be looking for, a photo that matches the vibe of the modeling work you can realistically get and modeling work that agencies books.

Also I made a list of NYC's top ten commercial print modeling agencies for print work for models to submit to for print, these agencies will work for male's as well. Males do not have to be a certain height or weight, as you can see from the website's of these agencies male models are needed in the commercial print world just as much as females. But personality counts!

Here is the link:

If you are not based in NYC area I would focus on submitting your photos to print agencies and talent agencies in your area. There is a lot of behind the scenes, and prep work that needs to be done before you start marketing yourself as a model. Make sure you have professional photos, a compcard and understand what exclusive and non-exclusive modeling is about as well:

More on male modeling:


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Self Made Model Contacting Brands Video

Here is a video on Contacting brands and how an aspiring model should contact ASPIRING brands to get some modeling experience and have a better chance with working with a modeling agency.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Model Talk Radio: Top ten print modeling agencies

Top Ten Modeling Agencies for Shorter Models

This week, on Model Talk , Isobella shares her top ten modeling agencies for shorter models and how a model of any height can approach them and find opportunities by marketing herself the right way.

The segment will be archived so visit:

Glamour modeling is not modeling

Glamour modeling is not modeling, perhaps 40 years ago it was considered a type of modeling but these days and because of the web it is a trap for a girl who wants to be a model and shows off her body on the internet and calls herself a model. It can lead a girl into soft porn.

To model, to really work as a model you have to model a product, modeling just yourself doesn't make you a model. The web has really ruined the word model in many ways and glamour modeling should not be on your website.

Because of the scams and misconceptions on the web, glamour modeling is not something a girl should consider and typically many amateur photographers that do not have good intensions call themselves photographers and mislead hopeful models.

My radio show Model Talk and popular modeling blogs receive 10,000 or more downloads a week and it is nice your website brings awareness, but it is not credible with the glamour modeling insight.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Call Sheet Backstage casting directors, agents

The next time you are at Barnes and Noble or Borders look for a little booklet in the magazine section under Tv and Film publications, it is called:
Call Sheet by Backstage and inside of this booklet is a list of casting directors, agents and talent agencies. This is a good investment for an aspiring model.

It used to be called The Ross Reports, now it is called Call Sheet.

You do however need a compcard or headshot: to mail to the agencies and casting directors, so do not think an email submission will cut it. Yes email has made the way we communicate change, but for the modeling and entertainment business it is really still a postal mail business and you should get these marketing materials made.

Models watching ads and commercials

So you're pretty and upbeat, you have personality, but you are having a hard time understanding what photos you need to submit to a modeling agency. Well, you can start by paying attention to ads and editorials and commercials on TV. Watching and Researching, and reading is a perfect way to learn about the photo style you need to present to a modeling agency.

Look at Ads: notice ads in all types of magazines, notice business magazines like Business Week, and lifestyle niche magazines such as Knitting mags, travel mags, cooking mags, fitness mags, all types, spend a day at the bookstore and go nuts. Notice the ads inside. Notice the models in the ads. They do not have a fashion appeal, they might not have on tons of makeup or the latest fashions but they are models. They are commercial print models, and this is the type of model a shorter girl can be.

Note: It is best NOT to look in fashion magazines for modeling inspiration if you are a shorter girl, -for reading ok, but not for modeling research.

Watch commercials: Watching commercials is also a good way to see a model working with a brand in a natural commercial style. From banks, to fast food, to retail commercials and haircare, from babies, to travel commercials. Notice the models energy, smile and personality. Also notice how because of voice over actors more models are needed in commercials and most of the time it is just a natural expression.

Notice editorial photos. Editorial photos are the photos that go with an article, and notice in magazines like Cosmo, jewerlry magazines the images. Notice the natural look of the shots, this is also what you will want to replicate within your photos.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Commercial Print Modeling largest area of Modeling

Commercial print modeling is the largest sector of the modeling world. Models range from babies, to grandparents, and the image of these models is not based on height and weight. The word model means being in a commercial for a product or service, from haircare, to banks, to basically anything you see advertised in TV or in a magazine that is not a fashion magazine.

Commercial print modeling is sort of like acting in a photo, and it invovles real life situations involving products, so a computer ad would involve a model typing on the computer. A haircare hair for Conair might involve the model using or holding a new hair dryer. A nail care ad, might show a model painting her toe nails, a commercial for a dish soap might show a mother-like model washing dishing, or a car commercial might show a man driving through the hills or a friendly neighborhood. Commercial print modeling is where a shorter model should look for modeling work.

For a list of commercial print modeling agencies see the side of this blog or this recent post titled Top Ten Commercial print modeling agencies in NYC:

Or google: commercial print modeling agencies. Print modeling involves usually an ad agency or marketing company conceptualizing the concept for the ad or commercial. It is a good idea to work with a photographer who has worked with products, ads and has a quality professional portfolio to get natural headshots and energy shots, involving personality and an all natural appeal that show you attractive but not in a glamour or fashion way, instead in a beautiful but approachable way.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are you a real top model or faking it?

So your at an event, or party, or at the local coffee stand or on the subway, and the conversation turns to "what do you do?

A girl nearby says she's a model.

If you want to know if she really is one or just "calling herself one" ask her:

where could I have seen you?

What have you modeled?

what ads have you been in?

How many tear sheets does she have?

What brands have you worked with?

What modeling agency do you work with?

Then you will really know she is a model.

Too many girls just call themselves models to feed their egos, feel hot, or get in the door at clubs, it is a joke.

Modeling is work, so if the girl doesn't know what a tear sheet is, then she is most likely pulling your leg. If she only talks about her Myspace photos or some party promotion she danced at, then she is most likely not a model. The purpose of a model is to model a product for a brand, or to represent a service or company in a commercial or print ad.

From handbags, beauty, to tampons and computers,- models comes in many sizes and shapes like cars. Yet we all know the difference between a tracker and a sportscar.