Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What's too sexy for a Model Compcard? Video

This is an important video for girls wanting to be models. Unlike the glamour modeling websites on the internet a girl should be very careful of what she shows and especially her body shots. Sometimes the wrong body shots can actually turn off a modeling agent. Ask any girl who wants to be a model and she is thinking of ad campaigns, ads, commercials and big things but why doens't she get there? Well it comes down to the way she markets herself, presents herself and when it comes to what is too sexy for a compcard this video will help:


Lisa said...

Great video! But unfortunately, people, especially those we know and some "decent" guys, think models are being too posy when it comes to them doing photos that look like advertisements, magazine spreads, etc.-anything that is marketable to the appropriate client. Sometimes, people don't understand what the modeling (and fashion) business is all about when they think modeling is all about fashion and that models are sluts, whores, tramps, easy, cheap, fast, loose, vain, etc. They ought to do more research about the modeling industries before they make assumptions like that. It's no wonder models sometimes cannot have relationships with average everyday people because of those assumptions.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your comment. The natural model is my favorite. Not trying too hard is how to get too commercial print shots that will help a girl when it comes to her marketing. There is only so long a glamour model can work and honestly how good does she really feel at the end of the day when men are the only people who think she is something? That just isn't my thing. I want more out of modeling than that. And I do that. Modeling means modeling something. It is not just a girl in a thong, yet the hype around men's magazines have really changed the perception of what a model means to girls who want to be one, and to guys who hold cameras. It is best to be picky about who you work with and how you market and represent yourself. Also remember what is on the web usually stays, so aspiring models should think of their future when it comes to photoshoots they accept and poses they do. There is a wonderful fine art magazine called Nude, but besides that there is not much based in the US that is classy and nude. However if a girl wants to use her body she should choose to do "body part modeling," this is modeling your "parts" for ad campaigns, product ads, and catalogs for top brands. The parts agency in NYC is something girls want to be parts models can submit to. Only submit photos with a commercial look. Thanks for your comment.- isobella