Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wanting to get into parts modeling?

Today a girl asked me about parts modeling and how to start. If you are trying to get into parts modeling you should consider a few things:

1. The photos are important, because just like in any print job the agent wants to see that you can in deed "model" something, so make sure you show your "parts"-hands, feet, close up of eyes, on your compcard doing something, interacting, holding something, -and most important: make the shot look like an ad for a product, enclosed is a sample compcard. Think nail care, skincare, shoe ads, jewelry ads, close up tight shots are best to show your parts. Remember it isn't always about is about the product you are modeling.

2. Submit to print modeling agencies, you could also research commercial print modeling agencies and ask if they have a parts division, not high fashion agencies -although Ford models does have a parts division. Also there is an agency called Parts Models which I have mentioned many times on this blog as a top agency.

3. Parts modeling like any area is competitive, so be prepared for castings, go-see's and even last minute bookings from your agent. Sometimes I only get one days notice for a casting or a last minute go-see.

Overall, once you start working with an agent being available is key because castings are during the day, castings are usually during the day, morning/ afternoons.

Parts modeling, shoe modeling, hand modeling, leg modeling are all things a girl of a proportioned size should consider. But you have to do your mailings and submissions and focus on creating the right photos, it could take some time before you have the right compcard and marketing materials made, but practice makes perfect...or close to it! :) goodluck- isobella

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