Friday, January 30, 2009

Unrealistic Modeling goals and facing the truth

A girl a little taller than me recently told me through Youtube inbox that she was rejected from an agency, she asked "Do you have any advice on what I may be able to say to sway them to put me in their model division? "

This was my reply:

You should not chase fashion as a shorter model. Instead focus on what you can Do.

The reason the fashion side is not accepting you is because of the type of clients they get. Think about it this way: The phone rings at the agency. It is a clothing company or magazine, they ask for a brunette or blond or whatever but they say, she has to be 5'7'-5'9".

If you do not fit in this height then in the fashion world you typically would not be booked by their clients, which means the agency is also wasting their time with you.

Commercial print modeling is the area to pursue as a shorter girl, commercial print modeling is about modeling lifestyle products that everyday people use. Have you ever seen an ad and the model was smiling? Have you ever seen ads for haircare, skincare, and jewerly, accessory modeling, handbags, shoes, etc, usually a height is not such narrow minded thing and you can find opportunities. So I would focus on making your photos involve products. Ask yourself if the photo show you modeling something, proving you CAN model. So I would focus on print. Haven't you seen ads for skincare, shoes, handbags? Cooking, furniture, computers, banks? It might not be the modeling work you want to do or get, but it is more realistic for you to pursue this area than waste your time dreaming unrealistically. You might never be a jet set model, you might never be on a billboard, but that doesn't mean you can not find modeling opportunities. Getting sigend is not the end all for a shorter girl. It should not be the goal. Instead it should be to grow your portfolio, improve your modeling images and market yourself honestly and realistically to really find some success.

First,I would focus on your photos and prove you can work with products, use what you do have to get ahead. You porbably have not showed the agency you can MODEL a product. Print models need to be able to use their personality to sell and represent a products image.

Also ask yourself if you have considered, hand modelnig, shoe model, parts modeling. I would spend some hours looking at magazines, from business magazines, jewelry, womens, (not Vogue-more Glamour, Marie Claire, Nylon), and notice the ads for all types of products in these magazines from shoes to even tampon ads and notice the models, their expression, what they are wearing and their will mostly see the expression is more "humanistic" their clothing is more "classic and can not be dated, their pose is more approachable, happy go lucky, in a good mood.

Remember getting modeling opportunities as a shorter girl is knowing what you are good for, knowing where you can realistically find opportunity and chasing it.

Make sure you are considering all you COULD do not just what you can't. Accept you are not fashion. Accept you probably won't ever be.

Also a smaller print agency might be better to approach as a new model. And here is insight on being signed. Most print models are not SIGNED you might be surprised to know and being signed can actually be against you:

What is a modeling contract and do you need it:

Getting out of a modeling contract:

Petite modeling requirements:


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Anonymous said...

I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

Musa Industrial said...

It's still very sad and unfair... The height requisition is outdated, unfair, unrealistic and discriminatory. Just because someone decided DECADES ago that the "ideal woman" should be tall, boobless and buttockless and resemble a toothpick it doesn't mean it should always be like that!