Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Petite Models Overcoming your Height

For petite models overcoming your height is a must! The main thing is knowing what you can do and chase it. Manage yourself, and know how to market yourself in ways that will get you ahead. It doesn't take simple one thing, or one person to make you a model, it takes YOU.

Overcoming your height means overcoming the word "Can't!"

You have to accept what you can do and chase it, you have to be prepared for the work.

Too many girls are calling themselves models before they even model anything.

A petite girl should not be looking for a petite modeling agency or an agency that accepts petite models, there are very few. However I do suggest Flaunt models in NYC, and FFT Models, for print modeling work if you a gir looking for an agency.

Your photos should be energy based, and show your smile and personality, no diva please. The height you put should be honest, 5'3", 5'2", but putting an inch or two taller won't kill you. Just look it in photos.

Being short is being short, an inch is not a big deal but 5'4" does look taller than 5'2" on paper/compcard. I think your photos need to speak bigger than your height, if you show your legs make it look like an ad for skincare, or shoes, work it!

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