Sunday, January 4, 2009

Naturally Photographic Models are not posing

Too many girls I see try too hard when it comes to posing. The worst thing I see is girls on Myspace and social modeling communities like and ModelMayhem showing themselves in crazy, contorted poses, and with too much makeup, and too stiff faces, or their finger is to their mouth and they just look corny.
If you are in a bathingsuit for a body shot, or fitness clothing, smile. It is possible to take a shot in a bathingsuit that doesn't look trashy. A modeling agency might call you for it!

The idea when putting together photos to submit to a modeling agency, as a petite girl, is don't try so hard. Be natural. Like this shot here.

Some girls even smile fake.

It is obvious.

When it comes to intriguing an agent, a commercial print modeling agency wants to see the real you, the natural you.

It is best to smile naturally, yes this can take practice. Here are some tips for posing naturally for shots that you should submit to an agency:

1. Slightly laughing in a photo while you smile, can make your smile appear more real.

2. Do an activity in the photo that is real, sit and type at the computer, walk your dog, play checkers, sip some coffee. Natural shots are what are used in ads and editorials and you will notice in magazines like Cosmo and Marie Claire and Glamour, the models are not overly posed in the editorial shot.

3. Think of Gap ads and ads you see for cell phone brands, computer brands, haircare,skincare, handbags, jewelry, even tampons! Commercial print modeling involves working with products so include some in your shots. But not too fashiony. Hold the hand bag naturally, like the photos enclosed show. Make the photo look ALSO about the product, not just about YOU and your pose.

5. Forget the fashion outfits, and wacked out hair, focus on natural makeup, let the real you shine through. Simple colors and outfits are best. If the dress does have color like the dress below, then make sure your pose is welcoming and is not taking away from your smile. This should not be a fashion shot, this should be a friendly one.

The real you, the natural you is good enough, you don't need fake eyelashes in commercial print modeling- well unless it is an ad for a makeup company. Goodluck!

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