Sunday, January 25, 2009

My new modeling compcard for commercial print

I wanted to share my new modeling compcard for commercial print modeling. Although I am in my 20's I have a young look, and I also do not look one ethnicity, even though I am a white girl- (I am italian and german, european) but I can look hispanic, mixed, I've even gotten being from Iran. I like that I can look many ethnicties and I put it towards my modeling pursuits. I was the lead in a latin music video for a singer named Elvis Martinez for Univision.

I also play up what I do have in the card. Notice I have nice looking legs, and even though I am petiet, they look long and photograph well. I also show my curves while wearing a dress in the upper right photo.

I included a smile shot and still showed my proportioned body as well in the lower left black and white photo. I think I will keep that one, however I do have another smile shot in mind.

I am getting the proof to look at in person, (mailed to me) this week from I suggest ALWAYS seeing a proof in your hand before you approve a compcard. Compcards are not cheap and even with less expensive choices such as you still don't want to waste money and time. I am printing 50 cards and mailing them to my agents and some lifestyle magazines and a few brands I want to work with, and getting feedback and then I might either order more or make a new card. I think it is important to make a few cards, try them out. Many girls give up, try once, and that is the reason they do not find an agent. They simply give up.

It is important to stay ambitious always, even when you have success.

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