Monday, January 12, 2009

Models and Photography- the doom of TFP

The problem with "guys with cameras" and "girls who want to be models is that there are issues that come up over "who gets to use the photos and where and how and all this drama that can come up." I would make a point in the future to make sure you get it in writing when it comes to photos and what you get and your usage, it always best to discussing it ahead of time.

A CD of images or in the old days "prints" is acceptable. The industry term "model for trade" or "trade for print" can be sketchy if not discussed as well. You are not just posing to show off and be someone's tease, a girl who wants to seriously model should know the photos she needs ahead of time and only work with professional photographers.

There as become this underground modeling business which I think should be illegal. These days any smuck with a camera can say he is a photographer and post a portfolio and get girls over to his apartment or garage for less than his electric bill and he is also the models fault for falling for this shit, scams, and bs. A professional photographer doesn't have a portfolio on model-community websites, and if you want to be a model, really be one, then you need to be pickier who you work with to build your portfolio and photos. Just having photos doesn't make you a model. You are not one until you have worked with brands, magazines and modeled something. Being a tease for an afternoon doesn't make you a model it takes you just a tease for the afternoon.

A few ways you can avoid issues within your pursuits:

1. Set higher goals for yourself. Set realistic goals. And KNOW what you should have and need when it comes to photos. Know what a modeling agency wants and need. Don't waste time taking photos you do not need and that do not benefit your goals. If you are serious with yourself you will focus on working with the best photographers you can.

2. If you plan the shoot ahead of time in detail you will have little to worry about. Make sure the concerns you have and the questions you have are answered. Speak to the photographer about what you need and also ask about usage, will you get a certain amount of photos, and how many are expected. Does he give the models all the photos or just the ones he wants to give them. The answer should tell you whether or not you should work with this person. And how professional they are. A professional will not give a hard time and will give you the photos. Without issues. All of them, on a CD. Ask how soon you will get the photos. A professional should give you the photos ASAP. especially if shooting digital. There is no reason not to leave that day with images on a CD. Don't obsess over touch up, but ask ahead of time about it. Will the photographer be touching up images, or not. Know ahead of time all the details.

3. Don't just shoot to shoot, or for money, TFP is amatuer, and only for amatuers, your goal as amodel should be to get a good headshot, a good body shot, good energy shots, and photos that are acceptable to send to a commercial print modeling agency. Not too much makeup and styling, simple is best. And you should take yourself seriously, and remember if you want bigger things you have to act like it and do the actions to get more.

Too many girls just play around with the word model and they end up getting scammed. And in the process do not even have the photos they need to market themselves properly and the whole thing becomes a waste, so becareful, don't be naive, understand what a real model is and needs, and your opportunities, and chase them in a professional way.


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