Friday, January 16, 2009

Modeling work Google tips

when you are searching for modeling work, or using casting sites such as Backstage, ny castings, or others, make sure you GOOGLE the productions name before you submit and say yes to a job that could be crap.

Use google and copy and paste the name of the production company into google and see what comes up. If no website or information comes up on the company then question whether it is worth your time. Usually it isn't.

If just a list of casting notices come up and there isn't any information for the company, brand, photographer, etc, then be skeptical.

When booking work, think about your future goals and the jobs you want to get, ask yourself,” How will this role lead me to more?" If you do not see it helping you book other work or being something that another casting agency, agent or modeling agency would approve then do not do it. If you serious or trying to be, you have to think about the work you accept in a selective way.

Being too desperate does not get you anywhere but in a bad place, and situation. If you Google a product company, directors name, photographer's name etc, you can use your gut, it speaks the truth.

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