Sunday, January 18, 2009

Modeling Tearsheets and collecting your work

So you do a modeling job. But how do you get copies of your work, proof you did it?

When it comes to getting copies of your modeling credits, you as the model have to keep track of it, find it, and look out for it yourself. Also I shot in December a shoe campaign for Spring 09, but it will be out in Feb and the usage is until about May-ish, so I will either be taking a photo of an ins-store poster, or if it is online freezing the frame to add it to my portfolio and compcard. I have had to do this many times, so just a heads up. You as the model need to hunt down your work. To get the credit in your portfolio/ compcard.

Especially if you are a shorter model and dealing with agencies saying you are too short, well even if there is a height requirement you can submit to the agency but it is best to submit great photos and even better if they show you have experience working with a brand or it is a tearsheet in a magazine that makes you credible.

Especially since to get a modeling agency working with you you need to show you have some experience that says " I can model products," since commercial print modeling is about modeling products. An agents want to know that.

When it comes to getting copies of your work you might want to ask around at the job to the art director or photographer "what month it will be out?" Also you might not get a copy of the work easily, so you might want to hunt down an in-store sign, a catalog or brochure, or see if you can get a high res jpeg or something after it is out. Most brands won't give you a copy ahead of time if it for a catalog or shot that will be used for advertising. So it is best to keep in touch with the lady.

Or ask if it will be online?

For retail websites, (maybe you modeled for a handbag company and the shots are on the website.) You can freeze the frame on a retail website and take it into photo shop and make it 300dpi, and print it, place it in your portfolio or for a compcard. Then share with agents.

It is better to have a copy you can use, than just saying to an agency "go to so and so website, or I am in this certain catalog." You want to be about to show it.

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