Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Modeling Rejection Letter overcome tips

So, a modeling agency says NO Thanks. Now what?

A girl recently shared with me rejection letters from an agency, she wanted to know what to do next?

This was my reply:

The letters you have received are the standard "not interested letter". It's corny. And not helpful. But it is a good job that you even tried. Alot of girls do not even try.

From here I suggest:

Don't give up, hustle harder: Instead of crying stick your mailings and keep on mailing other agencies, print modeling agencies, talent agencies, production companies, others. Move on. Keep striving, it is bad to be stuck at a moment of doubt, in life...and during your modeling pursuits.

Focus on where you can find opportunties: Behind height, and measurements, you can still find modeling work but you should consider commercial print modeling where height,weight are not judged as muc has personality and having nice skin and energy.

Try to get some experience: When it comes to contacting brands and magazines. You should submit photos, snap shots, or your compcard to the photo editors. Large magazines do go through modeling agencies to usually find the models they use, but smaller magazines, smaller as in the distribution is not as widely known. Maybe a local magazine, or a weekly magazine, would be more willing to work with a model who submits her own photo.

When it comes to contacting brands and small biz owners:
I always think it is better to go to a craft show, or tradeshow, or into the salon, and ask if they need models or who is the marketing person you can speak to.

When it comes to contacting big brands: it is highly unlikely that the brands will work with you without any experience and without quality photos that fit tell them you can fit the style of their brand. however contacting the marketing department is a good start. Most brands want to work with professional models. They go to agencies because they will most of the time get a very professional model, who knows how to pose and who can get the job done in the matter of time they need it done. As a model I have even had to 'come up with the next shot idea" on the spur of the moment during a job when everyone, the art director, photographer, assistant were all stumped ...so modeling isn't just about you, it is about what you can do as a model, and showing you can get the job done.

Little credits can become big ones. So I would try to contact local brands, brands and small biz owners based in your area. Ask if they need a model. Try to get some quality photos, and always think of the goals you have and how each step you take can lead you there. Grow from your experiences.

Years ago I modeled for a handbag designer and to this day we are great friends, and when she gets buzz on her brand, and usually the shot that is used is of me, which helped when I was growing as a model when I started years ago.

It is hard to manage yourself, your goals, and especially at your age. But you can contact small marketing companies, prodution companies, fashion schools, you can start right in your city by taking little steps and trying. It means more to send a photo and a tearsheet to an agency from a good magazine-even if it is small_than just your photo and a clueless mindset. It is a good idea to be smart and to be able to manage yourself. You always want to. You don't ever want to let someone else control you.

Are you photos selling you in the right way?: Does your photography need work? I also think you should ONLY work with professional photographers. There is alot of hands on work that a girl who wants to model has to endure, it is best to ONLY work with people who understand the craft of photography, the business, and who have goals or credibily acomplishments themselves. My first tearsheets and modeling jobs came from my own will and effort and also by working with a photographer who worked with magazines and he thought of me for a job with Woman's World and that is how I got my first tearsheet and that tearsheet helped me get print modeling agencies working with me. You should mail the photo editors at magazines such as Marie Claire, Glamour, etc, it is always good to share in the letter your interests and other goals. You play sports, or something you like to do, a passion of yours. TeenVogue has a program called IT Girls and they have modeling castings sometimes. Yes write a short hand written letter. I think handwritten leaves more of a mark.

When it comes to getting an agency working with you remember:

1. A photo alone doesn't always tell an agency/agent or booker that you can model, it just means your cute,pretty, etc or certain size, it doesn't mean you can model. So sometimes it is a very good idea to try to get your own work if possible in a professional manner, such as, modeling for an aspiring handbag designer, jewelry designer, hair salon, etc.

2. I suggest if you do use the internet that you are VERY careful, and when you are looking for photographers, go to a photography school or somewhere professional, DO NOT waste your time with internet photographers.

3. Don't rack up your Google stats with online modeling pursuits. It doesn't sell you to legit modeling agencies who could careless about the online contest you won last week.

4. Work on your marketing material and get some made: I make my own compcards, give them to my agencies, and I work with top brands, I recently leg modeled for Nine West, and the Easy Spirit shoe campaign out this Feb. But I make my compcards, I am very much apart of my pursuits. I do not wait or expect someone else to do it for me. Just doesn't happen.

Fashion world might be different but for commercial print modeling it is hands on work. So, think of jobs you want to do. Now think of jobs you realistically can do that this point. Keep your direction.

Remember many models are not booked because they are the most beautiful, etc, it is because they are available and time and place and step by step got them there.

These days it is not about being discovered it is about discovering you, for anything you want to do in life, work is the main word.

Also, most people, even succesful ones had a journey and ALOT to do with their own success. So don't expect it to come with one or two submissions. Move forward, look at all options and strive

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