Saturday, January 10, 2009

Modeling mistakes and starting over

A girl on Myspace recently wrote me saying she had made some modeling mistakes with nudity and wanted to start a new, here is what I wrote her back:

"I got your message. I am glad my blog posts helped.

It is easy to 'call yourself a model' boost the ego, and get someone who has no understanding of the modeling business and what it means to be a model give you a comment or call you hot, it is easy to settle for the amatuer road, it is very easy to be sexy, to show your body. And this is the reason 99% of girls do not really model, no matter their height, but instead just show off, feel hot, and never work with brands, magazine, and never really even model.

Modeling involves modeling something. So ask yourself "what have a modeled?"

You are not a model until you model something. Not just yourself, but something, a product, a handbag, model for an editorial in a magazine, pick up a Cosmo, a Marie Claire, a Glamour, look at ad campaigns for skincare, beauty, shoes,-these all jobs you could be doing, but it really does come down to your own wanting to, your own worth and the way you market yourself.

My advice might not make you happy but:
1. Take off every photo of yourself that is nude. If the photo does not look like it could be an ad or involving a product, such as a skincare ad, or a lingerie catalog then take it down. How you represent yourself speaks about where you are going and what you can do.

2. Get a nice headshot, beauty shot. Crop a photo you have, or try to find a professional photographer. Also you need photos that will help you, not hurt you, and a smile will get you further than a shot that is just purely bad and tasteless.

You need photos that say, "I can model" not just asking "aren't I hot?"

3. It is not about me thinking you can model, it is about you wanting to, and trying in professional ways no matter what cities you live in.

Finally, you can overcome your mistakes, you can be more and claim more and do more, but you have to understand, there is a huge chance you will not make a career out of modeling or model full time, you might not be a supermodel, and you might not ever be famous, if you still want to model, there are many products you can model for, but your mentality needs to be based around products and ads, not just YOU. So in your photos so yourself holding a handbag, wearing jewerly, even the girl in the ad for DeVry University is more of a model than a girl with a paid site or with naked photos on Myspace. Honestly Myspace! Myspace won't make you a model. Real agents, who work with real brands and magazines and ad agencies do not use the internet or scout Myspace for models. It is just not done.

The Internet is not a market for models or an outlet, the exposure with a website or a Myspace account is not going to make you a model or get seen by those who can book you for a legit modeling ad campaign.

Modeling when you are shorter is all about what you put it. It is about your own effort and not expecting anything to be handed to you. I make my own compcards, I put together my portfolio, I represent to my agents what I can. I have leg modeled for Victoria's Secret and recently shot the Easy Spirit shoe campaign, those are my legs, and it is only because I showed my agents in my compcards that I can model shoes and products, I made the photos, I mailed it, I got it.

You have nice hair, why not focus on hair ads, and styling some shots similar. Is there a salon in your town that might need a model? Leave your past in the past, don't mention it, move on, start over, and you can. Forget the credits you have they are not modeling credits to the modeling business. They are just a moment of a girl having fun with the idea of being a model, you never see a half naked girl on her way to becoming a porn star in an ad campaign for a brand?? or in a magazine beyond some sexy magazine?

Modeling is modeling product. Don't call yourself a model yet, until you have done so. The pin up might have had it's day but that day is over.

It might be hard to break from the fun in being called cute, but if only men are complimenting you, then you know you are not really modeling. Modeling happens when there is a brand involved, an art director, and you are being paid $1000 just to model your leg because you are a good model, and you know how to model something. Height has nothing to do with it. No excuses. You can do it, if you want to.

If this makes sense, and you think you can do it, then yes of course you can model, but it's really up to your own persistance.

I personally could careless if someone comments my photo, because when I see my face or "parts" modeling a product, in a magazine or ad campaign, that is when I know i am modeling or that I am one. And that is what means a lot to me. Do I plan to make my life only modeling? NO way. I plan to do a lot of things in life, not just one lot, but I am a very good model and I will do it, and work with brands and magazines most likely for a good part of my life, in the commercial print modeling world. I have realistic dreams. And a lot I wantto claim...and in this life...for you have to make what you want to happen,

Be who you want to be, but be realistic and a marketer,

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