Monday, January 26, 2009

The Modeling Marketing Ability is key

When it comes to getting an agency and getting legit modeling work you do have to do the work. You have to mail agencies your photos and if you never have done this. If you are only relying on the web or a website to make you famous or get exposed or using the internet to call yourself a model, then you most likely are not doing the right steps when it comes to getting a modeling agency.

Many girls contact me about which photos they should have, and how to submit to a modeling agency.

You have to send your photos to modeling agencies, and the best way is through postal mail. Then it come down to mailing the right agencies. This means the right agencies that work with models similar to you. If you are tall, 5’9” or taller then it is the fashion agencies you want to hit up. If you are shorter 5’7” and shorter it is the print modeling agencies.

The photos you should to print modeling agencies are photos that express your personality, and your smile. Having a great backside or full chest doesn’t make you a model alone. Maybe for a glamour show-off model, but a glamour model won’t be someone who is destined to model for years and years. Well unless you are Dita Von Tease, who is a burlesque dancer but she has an old Hollywood glamour appear but she became successful really because of her own marketing and her passion and spirit. Being successful in a business based on beauty, body and perfection, comes with having a strong business self, confidence, and a marketing ability.

Many girls think sex is all that sells as a model, and this is not true, in fact many models model products, brands and for services, banks, insurance companies, etc, and they have clothing on. So make sure you don’t just send bikini shots to an agency, and if you do send a bikini shot it is in a catalog style, not too racy.

A girl who wants to model, really should understand the advertising business and why models are needed and how because the world is more commercial, it means more different types of models are needed, but it still comes down to a marketing game.

A girl needs to know how to market herself, how to research and submit to the proper agencies with the right photos. It is key. The different between someone who wants to do something and someone who does is the will to try, and to try in the right ways with enough confidence to handle the disappointment and reality of being a model, not always a fashion model, but a person working with products and brands.

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