Monday, January 19, 2009

Modeling Compcard Tips- What's Too Sexy?

This could be considered "too sexy" of a choice.

Yet with a crop you can make it look more professional, black and white also tames down a photo:

My PARTS compcard is meant for body part modeling such as body doubling, parts for underwear catalogs, and editorials and products, so it does show my body but I am not making a cheesy face at the camera and although it is sensual it is also about the body as a form, not as "showing off".

I have two compcards for my modeling, a Parts compcard for leg modeling, shoe modeling, hands, etc, body parts, and then I also have a commercial print modeling compcard that shows my whole face, and it more about my personality, close ups, smiles, and yes sometimes my body but in a commercial style and way. Like ads and magazine editrials in Cosmo. These are also sample ideas for body shots for a compcard that are not TOO sexy.

A warning for too sexy is something you might see in Playboy, when the girl is teasing the camera, an agency does NOT want to know about your Playboy modeling photos or experience, it can turn them off.

Yet when making your compcard, if you have a nice body, and you are comfortable using it for swimwear, lingerie, etc, a girl can be in underwear, lingerie, a bikini bottom, and it can have a very ad campaign, commercial print feel to it, where the shot is based on the product and looks like it. Infact when you produce your photos keep in mind that the shot should NOT just be about YOU as the sexy model, it should be about the product, lingerie, swimwear, ect that you are modeling, so that the shot shows you are a naturally photogenic model and you can model products of all types. You can also include a smile in the shot, and you no matter what have a smile, energy shot on your commercial print compcard, and also a close up shot/aka beauty shot.

Also a girl who is under 18 should NOT have anything revealing/showing/ no thongs, nothing sexy on her compcard at all. Modeling is about modeling products, so grab a cell phone, your favorite soft drink, shoes, or hair clip or handbag and model it.

Notice the images above. The first would typically be considered "too sexy" but with the right crops they look professional and nice and agent-friendly.

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