Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Modeling Business is a Business

Many girls call it the industry, but to me working as a model is all about working in a business.

It is a business to learn, and learning it doesn't happen just by having an agency and getting a few castings and a booking or two, knowing how to model a product and understand how to market yourself is a title, role and hat a shorter model has to endure.

Unless you are a ragdoll model getting thrown all over jet set to fashion week, and just going on for the ride of it, modeling to me is a business, and one I needed to know, just like someone studies art, medicine, finance, etc, it is a business to learn. If you are not willing to learn about it, and practice it, and really understand it, and if you can't look beyond yourself, your face, your body, and focus on the meaning of being a model, the point of models, the what is means to work in the business as a business then, you really could end up in an emotional mess, and lose yourself.

I am proud that I have my bachelors in Advertising and that I do have a perceptive mindset, because these are skills I have applied to my modeling pursuits.

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