Thursday, January 22, 2009

Modeling and Marketing go hand in hand

Modeling and marketing go hand in hand. What separates someone who is working as a model with brands and featured in magazines vs. a girl who is just counting hits and clicks on her online modeling portfolio page? Drive.

Ambition and drive is what it takes to get anything you want in life. Sure, reality shows and all these glamour chicks on the internet showing off curves might make it appeal as if they got-it- or made it, or are successful, but not in my book. Success is what you are doing something that actually affects other people. Not just you.

In modeling and in life.

If you are struggling to find a modeling agency, find a better photographer, find what you need, then you have really think about what it is you have to offer, and focus on that and strive to share it and market yourself to the people who care.

Don't waste your time with fashion modeling agencies if you are only 5 feet tall.

You should be focusing on close-ups, and energy shots, smiles, and bringing your personality into shots, because shorter models are used for print modeling and commercials. But you have to show what you can model and your personality in your photos. You have to be persistent. Just one modeling agency submission isn't going to make you a star. Just one meeting, or one photo shoot. But if you are driven and strive, keep trying and can handle the hard work it involves then you have a bigger chance of finding the success you want to find.

Don't just make fame a goal. Have many goals. Don't just want to be a supermodel. Want to affect people. I hate how the word model has become to mean slut or girl showing off. It really upsets me. Too many girls has an unrealistic understanding of what it means to have a goal and chase it and become.

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