Saturday, January 24, 2009

Modeling Agency Rejection- how to handle it

A girl recently wrote me concerned about a reply from an agency that turned out to be a big fat friendly no. It sounded like an
This is what I told her:

To be honest you are lucky you got a reply. Most of the time you submit photos by mail, wait, wait, wait, and never hear a damn thing. That is the biz. You submit, the agency thinks about what they have been booking, what type of clients they have and they see if you fit in with the group. Usually you do not get a rejection letter, usually you just don't hear from them. Your phone doesn't ring, and you have to keep trying. Trying is a big thing. Just one submission to one agency won't get you an agency. A commercial print modeling agency is best for a shorter girl to pursue and with so many girls wanting to be models you do have to send the proper photos for consideration, such as:

A nice frontal face shot. Smiling. A headshot or beauty shot.
An energy shot, showing you doing something, walking a dog, running, in the moment, laughing.
A shot with you and a product, such as a handbag on your shoulder,-include a smile. Or you could also shot a body shot, fitness, or swimwear in a catalog style, not glamour.

If you do this, and if you are good about the photos you show and you are persistant with mailings and keep trying, submit, again and again, you might hear back. Might is a big word. Modeling is a competitive business even if you don't work in fashion. Modeling is about the advertising business/world. So think of ads and products you could represent and target your photos towards them. Be realistic, and strive. Modeling is a lot of work. Don't think just being pretty or cute, or having a few photo shoots is enough. You need the right marketing, maybe even a tearsheet or two from a magazine, proving you can model and inventive thinking and a marketing mentality. So be grateful for the no. And although it does sound like a automated email. I also think you need to buy a booklet of stamps, print a compcard, get some envelopes and mail, mail, mail more agencies.

For a list of modeling agencies see this past post.

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