Friday, January 2, 2009

Modeling Agency meeting or audition tips

In my experience of modeling, the thing is for commercial print modeling, there is no real audition, -basically you mail your photos to agencies and then an agent will call you and you may be surprised to know that sometimes I got calls from the agency and before even meeting them I was sent on a casting. An agency wants to meet you because they want to see you in person usually from your photo submission. There are no open calls for commercial print modeling. It is still very much a send your photos in the mail business.And for fashion modeling there are open calls.

When I have met an agency, the agencies were not fashion agencies, they were commercial print modeling agencies, for the first time here is what I experienced:

1. They want to see more photos. So bring any you have
2. They might give you tips and advice on what to work on photo wise " Get me more smiling shots."
3. They want to see your personality so share other things you like or have done, ran on a track team, are you in college?, what else do you like?
4. They take the photos you give them, or the compcard, and they might not call for weeks, but it is up to you to call them, mail them what they asked for, more smile shots, or whatever. And keep in touch with them. Agencies are very busy, but you should also be busy as a model, it is a team effort, not just a one way street, where you wait..and the agency does all the work.For fashion, they might want to see your walk for runway, and things like that, but I have no experience with that. I am a commercial print model.For commercial print modeling, there is LESS that that agency does for you and MORE that you do for YOURSELF. SO be prepared to do the work. It isn't about wanting to be a model, it is about wanting to WORK, to be a model.

I hope this helps! - isobella

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