Sunday, January 11, 2009

Model and Actor Casting Tools without the Internet

Here are some tools that have helped me build a modeling portfolio, get experience, and gain better modeling work without the internet. A new model or actor should consider these. Don't expect your Myspace to make you famous..just don't! If you have never mailed your photos to an agency, or casting should.

Ross Reports- a booklet you can find at Barnes and Noble in the magazine section, in the film and tv section, it is about ten bucks. It is a list of casting diretors and talent agencies for films and commercials. Models are in commercials these days and commercials are less about acting because of voice overs, so you can mail your headshots to casting directors and casting agencies to get roles in commercials or on TV shows as a background actor. This does not mean it is easy, it just means you should try. You can learn about what goes on when you are set and you can get basically an acting 101 through working on background gigsand featured roles to build your resume and strive to join SAG or not, take acting classes and pursue how you would like. for a new model this website can be very helpful if she wants to get into acting, commercials, tv hosting, etc. You can find the Ross Reports here as well.

A headshot, a compard and a modeling portfolio: No website, no social site, no internet modeling website will offer you as much as these physical marketing tools. Even though you might feel the web is easier -you just upload a photo it is not the best way to start modeling at all. It is better to get a compcard, get a headshot printed and mail it to agencies and do it the legit way from the start. The internet might be trendy and where things are at, but not for modeling and serious acting jobs, real work in the industry is not on the internet. You might find breakdowns for jobs and castings and auditions at or but you still need a headshot printed and a compcard for the auditions.

Modeling and acting is more about the effort you put in, and being available, it isn't about being super sexy or super experienced, it just comes down to being what they are looking for. So there is nothing wrong with trying and you should. You don't need to rely on the internet and you shouldn't, the internet is a catalog of information sort of like a card catalog back in the day, it isn't where legit casting agents and modeling agents hunt down talent or models.

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