Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Making a Modeling Compcard tips

A girl recently asked me if the photos she uses for her compcard need to be professional or if they can be snap shots: Here is my reply:

You want to always be professional and show the best of you. Modeling is a business of image.

Only if the photos are decent and with good lighting should you use snap shots. And they have to show your face clearly. You always want to show the best of you not just ok shots. You want to show natural and honest shots, not just random photos.

This is my new compcard, I do have years experience, and I am in my mid-twenties, so I want to show I have a great personality, energy, and body but in a commercial way, to inspire work for ads for beauty products and resorts, and commercial brands and service, , so all the shots look like ads or catalog shots.

The shot with the guy is for a clothing company. I also show a close up beauty shot, and a smile. The smile is imporant. If you do not want to make a compcard yet, you could just mail some photos of your smile, and full body smiling. That is best - to a commercial print modelin agency. Unlike fashion there is not a set-in-stone requirement for photo style, but you need to show your smile for print modeling. You need to show your full body, in jeans, fitness clothing or bathingsuit, in a casual girl next door way.

You should visit and look at the models compcards that are your age to get inspired. It will help. Looking at examples help.

After you have some shots, I would mail a them to agencies. Postal mail.

If you do not have many shots you could make a headshot for now. It is best to show the best photos you can that will market you best. So think of the agencies you are targeting, think of the brands you want to work with and realistically can, and shape your photos and submissions around that.

Remember always with compcards you print through an online printing service like you should ALWAYS see a proof in your hand first before approving it, sometimes things can look different on screen than how they look printed. Lighting wise.


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