Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mailing Modeling Material to Modeling Agencies

Mailing a modeling agency costs about 2 stamps.

Plus the envelope.

If you buy a book of stamps for $8.40 you will get 10 mailings out of it.

A girl that wants to model, should be targeting themselves to commercial print modeling agencies. Mailing your photos and material to agents is really the only honest way you will work with a modeling agency and book legit work. Agents get mail each day/ week from girls who want to be models, and you want your mailing to matter so make sure you send marktetable photos that fit the agencies style. And one submission is not enough. Usually it will take a couple submissions before you get your photos right, and get the picture of how you should market yourself. Time and again shorter girls want to be too sexy and a commercial print modeling agency doesn't work with that type of model. So it is a battle of "what the girl thinks she wants to be." and "what will work for her as a model."

Don't send: Photos of you making a "hard" or " tough " or a "mean face" to a commercial print modeling agency.

Don't send half naked photos, unless you are in lingerie in a catalog form, not Playboy style to commercial print modeling agency.

Don't send photos that do not show your personality and smile.

Don't send photos that do not look natural. No photoshop, no heavy makeup.

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