Thursday, January 1, 2009

Is this Model website Amateur -Modeling Tips

A few keys to knowing the website is amatuer is:

1. Is it costing you money? Many of these model community website's have webmasters and founders who want to make money off of your naive'ness, and they charge you $10-$50 a month to post your photos. In the end you get nothing that benefits you but perhaps losing your dignity when your mom sees you naked on the internet or worse. And you don't typically meet talented photographers, talented by the terms of working with brands, magazines, and having a professional manner and serious profession within photography to even know how to shoot you in ways that will benefit you as a model. This is an amateur modeling website style of doing so-called business.

2. On the site there is no real advice about modeling, and there is not any industry experts sharing insight on the business. Sometimes website put "fake" interviews with supermodels on their site and try to make it look legit, just becareful before paying to post your photo. You won't be discovered by a modeling agent,-they are too busy booking the girls who mailed their photos to the agency.

3. It is hard to get intouch with the webmaster.

4. It is hard to cancel your account or you get battled when doing so.

5. The girls on the site are all almost naked or are naked.

6. No magazine you have heard of, or brand you have heard of is advertising on the site. Is the website is really THAT good, and THAT legit, and something you SHOULD be apart of and join or pay for, then it would have most likely some brands or magazines apart of it advertising...especially if it is a modeling website.

7. If the person who started the site has never been in a magazine or worked with quality top photographers, or has experience working with legit modeling agencies, then do not join the website.

Over-all Do not join modeling social sites. They are a waste of time and really just meant for the ego's of those who do not have the courage to really try to work in the business. Yes it is tough, but trying, keep trying, trying hard, can and does bring results.

If you really want to model, get a compcard made and if you are short, don't focus on fashion so much, don't think only nudity is what you can do...instead mail your headshots, smile shots, and commercial print styled shots to some print modeling agencies. Keep trying! It is WORK to be a model, it does not happen by just being hot or by someone leaving you a comment on your profile saying "your sexy."