Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How to Hair Model - Petite Modeling Advice

A girl recently contacted me through my website and asked about hair modeling and how she could start. Here are some tips since hair modeling is a great gig for a petite girl to get some experience with professionals.

For hair modeling you have to be prepared to have your hair changed. Cut. or drastically change the color. The point of the hair model for shows, and demos is to show the before and after...also for print your hair will be styled and changed-maybe not as much but still it will be changed a bit. Most of the time it will for hair modeling. So maybe hair modeling isn't the right area to look.

1. Contact a local salon, -good for models in smaller cities- and ask they need a model for product demo's or print marketing material for their store. Ask if the store has events and promos you can get involved with.

2. For print ad campaigns you typically need a modeling agency for this and you should mail a commercial print modeling agency in your city a headshot that shows your hair natural- how it is simple, and then styled as well. Nothing drastic. Look at ads in magazines to get inspired, you will notice the different types of hair ads out there. Less fashiony is best for a print model, especially a shorter one.

3. Also there are hair studios in major cities, such as Wella in NYC, that need hair models for presentations and there is a popular Beauty expo in NYC that also uses ALOT of models of all different hair types. I would contact the conference or try to find a casting in or -always read the fine print for online castings and with a buyer beware mindset! Craigslist can be sketchy but I have seen castings on there for hair models but again BE very,very, very careful. Don't end up with blue hair, because a print modeling agency won't typically book you with blue hair. Although an agency called Ugly NY Talent/Models works with all types of models and even those with crazy hair so try them too.

4. There is always mailing hair magazine photo editors your photos, snap shots, you never know! Look in the front of the magazine and find the masthead with all the editors name. Send to the photo editor. You could also send your shots to the beauty editors at other beauty related magazines.

I hope this helps! - isobella

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