Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hand modeling and parts modeling photography tips

What ever modeling you want to try, you need photos that represent that.

Even for "parts modeling."

Parts modeling is using your "parts" to model products for ad campaigns and editorials.

How to prepare for parts modeling/hand modeling.

Even if you have never booked a hand modeling job, you need photos of your hands. I would google: Hand Modeling. But the shots are basic, and involve you holding products, I would also notice nail care ads, but also a hand model is used in a dish soap commercial as well. Jewelry, and even for computer ads, typing on the computer.

A hand model needs porportionally long fingers, but hand models come in all sizes of hand. Men and women. I recently hand modeled for Bon Appetit magazine March and April 09 issues, coming out soon. And you will see my hands within the shots that involve the yummy dishes and I am spreading butter, holding forks, scouping food.

I also recently leg modeled and shoe modeled for the Easy Spirit ad campaign out in Feb-May09 for their spring shoes.

I work with the PARTS agency in NYC for leg, hands, shoe and full body modeling for parts modeling. I do have photos that co-side with all of the "parts" that are able to be used in print ads and editorials in magazines.


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