Sunday, January 18, 2009

Getting out of a Modeling Contract

A guy on Facebook recently told me he is stuck with a bad modeling contract.
Another person on Youtube sent me a message about "wanting a modeling contract."
I feel that many people think a contract is the end all, it makes them set and a model. Nope. Here are my thought if you get into a bad situation with a contract.

With a Modeling contract you should not feel stuck. Or just in a bad situation. Contracts are an agreement, usually they are suppose to make you feel good in life not upset you. (for a shorter model remember, remember that no contract is needed, commercial print modeling agencies do not typically ask you to sign a contract and in the freelancing world, I suggest NO model EVER signs one, and if she does make Sure the agency, person, has been working you and booking you and you feel they are legit. Too much crap out there. Be careful the contract is not the end all it doesn't even mean you are a model, it just means you know how to sign your name it doesn't mean you will be booking work, it is no promise it is an agreement.)

But sometimes agreements can be adjusted.

Are they not booking you work?Ask why you haven't been booking any work, is there something you could do and work on. Get some answers from the agency.
Are they not paying you? Ask why you have not been paid. Agencies should pay you no later than 90 days.

Go there, and say I don't want to do this anymore, I am not interested in working together anymore, and I would like to get out of this.

Most likely you will be asked why.

You could say I am not comfortable working with the agency. I want to pursue other options. Do it kindly but serious.

The Contract, itself should be taken seriously and you should not sign a contract you are not comfortable with and you should always read the whole contract, have a friend or family member and lawyer read it.

Find out if it is a professional opportunities or a scam or crap, you should never stick to it, especially if it limits the other things you want to do. So I would go on over there and ask some questions about the contract, try to change it, ask if certain things could be changed. Even if it is unconventional ask, anyways.

Again, shorter girls, are more likely to work non-exclusive with agencies. Fashion models are a different world, but if you get a lot of experience and build your portfolio and have a certain credibility then you might want to pursue management at a print agency such as CESD.

A girl that is very short and has no modeling experience will be less likely to sign an exclusive contract with an agency, meaning that they will get the hands on treatment of a closer relationship with her agency, vs girls who are working non-exclusively with agencies who can STILL model but do have to be more hands on them selves, make compcards, prepapre portfolios, etc.

The contract should be a professional and worthwhile and share what the agency's percent of monies is from booking you a job, there should be a time length for the contract. However, if you signed the contract and your feelings about working with agency have change you should approach the agency, talk about working out the issues first, or write a letter about it, asking "I'd like to end our business relationship, please let me know the next steps to go forward."

Try to work it out, if it can't be then it might be a process, but it can be worth it, to get out of the contract so you can move forward towards better things and opportunities.

As a new model should be freelancing with many commercial print modeling agencies if possible. When I started I worked with like 4. Your not booking work every single second so need more than one agency and also it is a totally different world with commercial print and you are free to do whatever you want and work with many agencies. SO don't feel the contract is so important. It isn't. Infact it is a mistake majority of the time for a shorter girl.

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Anonymous said...

How do you get out of a contract that self-renews each year without you knowing?